Aug 09

Mitpachot = Head Scarves

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  Sheitels, and tichels and hats! Oh MY! But my favorite so far has been wearing mitpachot, or head scarves. It is so fun to have a whole new accessory to match my outfits, like when I found this exact striped one to match my polka dot shirt- well at least the colors are the […]

Jun 11

Following last week’s graduation- which was also on my birthday!!!- I am now a graduate of Macaulay Honor’s College. I am also a graduate of Brooklyn College; the “double citizen” status has never been clearer than when I went to two graduations- with two different color robes! What an accomplishment to see all those semesters, […]

May 02

When my fiance popped “the-very-important-question,” I said Yes!!! Now, I had one for him. What do YOU think? Watch the video and help me decide!!! Congrats! I’m so glad to share this journey with my readers and followers, whether from the Macaulay community, youtube friends, or pintrest! (Plus real life family and friends- Hi and […]

Mar 18

Tefilin with Rabbi Gez

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Did you ever wonder how Tefilin are made? or what’s actually inside of those black boxes? Here’s your chance to find out! Part 1: Part 2: And the story goes full circle! My host family that I lived with during my study abroad in Australia have a son who is turning 13! In honor of […]

Feb 21

Loyal followers will recall that Purim is my favorite holiday of all, and that the joy of costumes does not in any way diminish as you age. This year, I got to make Hamantashen with my new family! Thanks for being so great! The original video: May the joy and celebration of Purim continue in […]

Feb 06

Is scary and fun. After years of refusing to do any “extreme” sport, (which includes bike riding, roller blading, roller coastering, or anything that separates my feet from the firm and reassuring ground,) I’ve finally decided it’s time to get over my fear and give ice skating a try…well actually, I was goaded into it […]

Jan 27

Crayons and a Blow Dryer

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Check out this really cool technique for creating original masterpieces. All you need is some old crayons, a blow dryer, and a canvas board. Oh, and a fork. Click to watch the video with guest star, my sister. Enjoy, Lilach 6

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