Feb 06

Is scary and fun. After years of refusing to do any “extreme” sport, (which includes bike riding, roller blading, roller coastering, or anything that separates my feet from the firm and reassuring ground,) I’ve finally decided it’s time to get over my fear and give ice skating a try…well actually, I was goaded into it and my pride got the better of me. Just because I’m scared of breaking a limb, getting a concussion, or having a mad dasher slice my fingers off with the BLADE at the bottom of their shoe, doesn’t mean I can’t ever give ice skating a chance. With the soothing words and warm, gloved hand of my dear friends, I boldly went where I myself never thought I would go. The perimeter of the rink and I were very well acquainted for about an hour before I finally felt I could let go of the wall and rely on the guiding hands holding me up on either side. My steps were tentative and I was terrified almost the entire time, but eventually I did get the hang if it, and it was pretty awesome. I was able to feel a glimpse of the lightweight feeling that I imagined I was missing and I would like to have another go, but only if my right hand and left hand are held by the kind, patient and wonderful, torturers!… Just kidding! Love you guys!

TL:DR Give yourself a chance! Even if you’re terrified, do it! But don’t go it alone.


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  1. imbcg
    5:34 am - 2-11-2013

    When did you do this? you make it look so fun, I almost want to join you… (NOT)… and to your brave friends, I hope you enjoyed the entertainment. Lil is so much fun when she is out of her comfort zone! ha ha. enjoy

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