Feb 21

Loyal followers will recall that Purim is my favorite holiday of all, and that the joy of costumes does not in any way diminish as you age.

This year, I got to make Hamantashen with my new family! Thanks for being so great!

The original video:

May the joy and celebration of Purim continue in our lives!!!

🙂 Lilach 🙂

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  1. imbcg
    1:22 am - 2-22-2013

    oh, and also, you take the fun out of using a rolling pin…

  2. imbcg
    3:16 pm - 2-21-2013

    This is very nice. but why chocolate bits? I like jelly! oh well, great job guys. and welcome to the family! or is it, welcome to their family… 🙂 or is it just one big happy family now?! love you

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