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Jul 13

Hey Everyone! My uni schedule works out that I have no class on Tuesdays! In order to take as much advantage of my time here in Melbourne, I’ve dubbed these days, Touring Tuesdays. (Actually my host Mum came up with that one!-Thanks.) Naturally, I decided to do the most tourist-y thing of all which is […]

Jul 10

“How are you?” “How are you doing?” “How’s it going?” These questions sound familiar and are an appropriate way to greet someone and inquire about their well-being and current affairs. In America that is. Not in Australia, (or should I say “straya,”) where words are always shortened, intonation does not necessarily  indicate meaning and people […]

Jul 06

International Student Orientation Trip

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As an international student, my Australian University offers a three day beach trip before the semester. It was simply sublime! We drove two hours south of Melb, to a coastal city with the most spectacular view of the ocean- and what an ocean it was. Just so blue and turquoise and green and CLEAN looking! […]

Jun 30

It’s really cool that I am in Melbourne. I love it. I’m currently getting over jetlag, but you can expect more fun and exciting things from me, like starting Uni– which if you don’t know- stands for university, or simply, school. Enjoy, Lilach (or as I have been nicknamed, Lil! rhymes with Bill.) 11

Jun 26

So what does one do on the last day in their home town of BK before leaving for 4 months?!? Go to the apple store of course! I had a surprisingly emotional time walking through manhattan with my Mom and Dad, realizing that I will not be seeing the exciting hustle and bustle of trying […]

Jun 23

I can’t believe it’s in five days! In just five days I’ll be going to Australia for a four-month study-abroad adventure. And I can’t help but be excited about the silliest things and nervous about the least consequential things as well. Like seeing the international terminal in JFK that I’ve never been to and who […]

Jun 18

My Favorite…Season: Summer/Winter

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Summer Fun I love summer, but I also love winter. Wait, I think that means I don’t actually have a preference…or that I just make the best of the weather, whatever it is Either way, it’s summer in the northern Hemisphere, and winter in AUSTRALIA!! So I am just savoring the weather while I’m here, […]

Jun 05

UpJUNE (Update)

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Here’s a quick update on AUStralia related plans. Also, It’s my birthday today! YAY! L 8

Jan 31

I made a friend…on the INTERNET!

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I made a friend! If you’d have asked me what was the least likely of all places for me to make a friend, I’d give youtube as my answer. But I did! After being a slow and hardly-steady stream of videos I’d post on my channel on youtube, AnHourInAMinuteLG, I finally decided to be proactive […]

Nov 11

Spin-jump to Australia

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It’s actually happening!!! Every day I am getting closer and closer to my Aus-um adventure. I am making all these mini-movies of life here so that making movies in Australia! will come more naturally. And I am gaining more movie editing skills, and having lots of fun. Enjoy! LG. 5

My AUSome Trip