Aug 09

Mitpachot = Head Scarves

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  Sheitels, and tichels and hats! Oh MY! But my favorite so far has been wearing mitpachot, or head scarves. It is so fun to have a whole new accessory to match my outfits, like when I found this exact striped one to match my polka dot shirt- well at least the colors are the […]

May 02

When my fiance popped “the-very-important-question,” I said Yes!!! Now, I had one for him. What do YOU think? Watch the video and help me decide!!! Congrats! I’m so glad to share this journey with my readers and followers, whether from the Macaulay community, youtube friends, or pintrest! (Plus real life family and friends- Hi and […]

Feb 21

Loyal followers will recall that Purim is my favorite holiday of all, and that the joy of costumes does not in any way diminish as you age. This year, I got to make Hamantashen with my new family! Thanks for being so great! The original video: May the joy and celebration of Purim continue in […]

Feb 06

Is scary and fun. After years of refusing to do any “extreme” sport, (which includes bike riding, roller blading, roller coastering, or anything that separates my feet from the firm and reassuring ground,) I’ve finally decided it’s time to get over my fear and give ice skating a try…well actually, I was goaded into it […]

Jan 27

Crayons and a Blow Dryer

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Check out this really cool technique for creating original masterpieces. All you need is some old crayons, a blow dryer, and a canvas board. Oh, and a fork. Click to watch the video with guest star, my sister. Enjoy, Lilach 6

Dec 27

How to be on VACATION!!!

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As a senior, I tend to see things in that “this-is-the-last-time” way. The last time I’ve had to register for classes for my last semester as an undergrad, my last semester as a Macaulay student. It’s also the last time I’ll have this super long winter break–ridiculously long five weeks. So what does one do […]

Dec 17

Miracle of Lights! Happy Channuka!

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The holiday of lights, Channuka, has come and gone. Another year, and still no consensus about how to spell this jelly-filled, candle-lighting, eight-day holiday! And just to get a glimpse of what candle lighting looks like at, or should I say outside of, my house, take a look at the video! Anhourinaminutelg at its finest. […]

Nov 08

First snowfall! Goodbye autumn.

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Happy first snowfall. Brooklyn college lily pond, partially frozen over, filmed during my break. Enjoy, Stay warm and stay safe, Lilach 5

Oct 02

Sukkot Smiles

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You know how much I love holidays, (ie. purim!!!) and sukkot is no exception. This year, I helped out with building the sukka. The decorations are like a living scrapbook of all the arts and crafts we did over the years. Here’s my favorite one, done in third grade, with a compelling tale, misspelled words […]

Sep 10

Sometimes you just need to knit something. Sometimes that thing happens to come out looking kinda like a jelly fish, even though you were kinda going for octopus. Sometimes it’s awesome anyway. Enjoy, Lilach 5

Aug 10

The Brooklyn Museum

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Summer vacation is finally upon me. After completing two summer classes and my audiology internship I’m finally on vacation and I have twenty days before fall semester. Let the summer-ing begin! I love visiting museums because you always feel like you’re learning something even while you’re simply enjoying the art. There’s a sense of calm […]

Apr 22

Passover in Jerusalem!

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Spending pesach with my family in Israel is something I’d never done before and was incredibly special. I hadn’t seen my grandparents in over 2 years, my brother, sister and adorable nieces in more than a year. Skype is great and having video chats made it that at least my little nieces recognized me and […]

Mar 18

When my teacher asked, “Who knows what a speech banana is?” I giggled and then went home to share the giggles in this video. Enjoy, Lilach Note: My video was tweeted by ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) and added to ASHA’s pintrest board! Source: via American Speech-Language-Hearing Association on Pinterest 8

Mar 08

A costume holiday spent eating and exchanging food packages with friends, plus non-stop eating of said food packages, plus a holiday meal?!?!?! I’m in!! Purim is my favorite holiday! You know I’m a fan of DIY (Do it Yourself,) so I put together this simple peacock themed costume, mostly as an excuse to wear these […]

Jan 18

Ukulele Fangirl- Meeting Julia Nunes

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Oct 04

Hey Everyone! You must know by know that I love art, and therefore museums. With all due respect to classics, I must say that Modern Art grabs your attention and imagination in an underhanded way. You try to get inside the artist’s head and understand why they would do such a thing. Of course, there’s […]

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