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Aug 02

Yesterday’s date was August 1st which means I’ve been here for a month! How amazingly exciting is that! I had two distinct thoughts yesterday because of this significant “monthversary” 1. I proudly realize just how adaptive I could be. I love Melbourne as much as, if not more so, than I expected I would. Like I […]

Jul 27

In my previous “episode” of My AUSome Adventure” I discussed the different public transportation options in Melbourne. For me to get to Uni every day, I have to ride two trams. It’s a near hour commute each way and the way I’ve spent that hour has evolved from week 1 to now, in week 3. […]

Jul 23

Turns out that one of the things I’m really enjoying about Melbourne is how creative, expressive and colorful the architecture is. Just walking around the  city, I’ve been able to capture some beautiful buildings and wondering just what was going through the designer’s mind while picking colors, angles and materials for their buildings. When I […]

Jun 26

So what does one do on the last day in their home town of BK before leaving for 4 months?!? Go to the apple store of course! I had a surprisingly emotional time walking through manhattan with my Mom and Dad, realizing that I will not be seeing the exciting hustle and bustle of trying […]

Jun 23

I can’t believe it’s in five days! In just five days I’ll be going to Australia for a four-month study-abroad adventure. And I can’t help but be excited about the silliest things and nervous about the least consequential things as well. Like seeing the international terminal in JFK that I’ve never been to and who […]

Jun 14

What will be the future of technology? 9

May 04

Welcome to a renewed season of sun-shining, flower-blooming and a whole lot of loud sneezing! Allergies are back, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the return of my favorite flower- Lilacs! Can you guess why? Enjoy, Lilach 7

Apr 24

Giggles @ the Guggenheim Museum

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I’ve been meaning to make a day-trip out to the Guggenheim museum for a while now. Given the vacation days (and my oft-professed love of all things Manhattan) my parents and I made our way to the beautiful building. We didn’t know what to expect in the way of what type of art would be […]

Apr 24

Grand Station Terminal Tour (FREE!!!)

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“What to do in NYC for free?” has seen the white of my google search bar. Even without a clear destination, my family and I love riding the train into the city and seeing all the tall buildings towering above our heads and into the blue sky. Just walking around and seeing the multitudes of […]

Apr 17

My First… Conference!

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This past Friday, I presented the project I am assisting with that is studying Emergent Literacy in Bilingual Hebrew/English Preschoolers in the Cuny Graduate Center. The Student Research Poster Day in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences was so enlightening; I enjoyed hearing other students and professors present their research and I got a sense of the scope that […]

Apr 13

This is what happens when you minor in linguistics while majoring in an anatomy-heavy subject like Speech Pathology and Audiology! You go crazy!!! Hope you learn something new…It’ll only take a minute. 9

Apr 10

JFEW Spring Retreat

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As part of being a JFEW Scholar, I went to the JFEW Spring Retreat today in the Thirteen Studio at Lincoln Center. It was a real treat! I enjoyed hearing all the guest speakers and was happy to see the scholars from the other campuses again. Starting off the day with Michelle Ward’s coaching served […]

Mar 29

As per my perpetual thought process about ‘studying abroad’ in my own home and loving New York as a prerequisite of enjoying actually being abroad–enjoy this latest video. Following the youtube tradition of famous vloggers, such as the vlogbrothers, charlieissocoollike and elmify, enjoy this thoughts from places series video. Union Square-Macy’s Flower Show-walking around! Lilach […]

Jan 03

End the year with a blast of WINTER!

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To some, the snow is a lousy nuisance, and to some it is joy in its whitest form. It’s all in how you look at things.

Dec 07

My dream is coming true!!!

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“We are the dreamers of dreams, and we are the makers of music” ~ Willy Wonka. Hey, so I hope you like this “mural” that I painted on my wall. It has always been one of my favorite quotes about taking your life into your own hands and dreaming up your own dreams. I feel […]

Nov 30

Seems to me that planning to study abroad has led me to seriously consider studying domestically (see previous post about this concept). I want to take advantage of everything New York has to offer, as if I were a real tourist/exchange student. In other news, my spin-jump is broken. Enjoy, Lilach 6

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