August 4, 2015



12666383_10206919122488407_1684066540_nClass of 2016

Stevie Borello

Major- CUNY BA Journalism and Media Production/Women’s Rights as Human Rights

I’ve been part of the scholars council since my freshman year. It’s a great way of knowing what’s going on in Macaulay and letting my peers know as well. I have always strived to build a strong community for Macaulay students.

Fun Fact – I listen to movie soundtracks for fun.




Class of 2017

Ariella Trotsenko

Major – Public Affairs

Scholar’s Council is my way of getting involved with the entire Macaulay community! We often get boxed into our home campuses, forgetting how diverse and amazing the Macaulay network really is. Scholar’s council also allows me to create fun events to connect us all! Macaulay provides a vast array of opportunities and I hope everyone has personally benefited from them the way I have.

Fun Fact – I was voted “Most Likely to Save the World” in high school and I intend to uphold that title.



Class of 2018

Holden Stein

Major – Finance

I am on the Scholar’s Council to help students access their resources in the most effective and efficient way. Macaulay has provided me great opportunities in terms of internship resources and a variety of events.

Fun Fact-I have been to at least 85 of the New York City subway stations (and counting).



nicoletteClass of 2019

Nicolette Husein







shellyClass of 2016

Shelley Jain

Major – Broadcast Journalism & Biology

Macaulay has given me great opportunities of traveling to China, Nicaragua, and soon South Africa! It has also given me a chance to combine my interdisciplinary passions, start my own dance team, and meet amazing individuals. Joining the scholars council allows me to contribute to the great community that Macaulay is and continue working with students to strength the unity between all 8 campuses. I am really friendly and open to all suggestions so feel free to talk to me about how we can continue improving our Macaulay experience!

Fun Fact – I love to doodle and paint shoes- I even started a small business of hand painted custom shoes!


12666383_10206919122488407_1684066540_nClass of 2017

Albert Tong

Major – CUNY BA The Science of Healing

I’ve been on the scholars council since freshman year and I’m looking forward to working with everyone to make this semester awesome.

Fun Fact – I’ve been to 48/50 states!






chris caliClass of 2018

Chris Cali

Major – Math

I love being a Macaulay student which is why I am on the Scholar’s Council. The available opportunities for us are endless and as an MSC representative, I hope to make them even better!

Fun Fact – I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do



rabiaClass of 2019

Rabia Mehmood

Major -Undecided

My primary reason for running for council this year is to communicate information from Macaulay headquarters to each campus more effectively. I love Macaulay for the great service opportunities it offers and the lasting relationships we form with our peers.

Fun Fact-I’m 4′ 11″




chris fClass of 2016

Chris Fiore

Major – CUNY Baccalaureate – Film/Theater/Acting/Music/Literature

Community building through the arts and creative expression is at the core of my philosophy. I hope to bring a fresh perspective to a diverse student body!

Fun Fact- I’m a rapper that has lived in Kazakhstan. My life is an adventure in the making!


Class of 2017

Sara Louie

Major – Sustainable Development; Digital Photography + Media

There’s so much talent and excitement within each Macaulay student. It can be intimidating, but also really inspiring and motivating! Combined with Macaulay’s incredible advisors and resources, my fellow students have drove me to really pursue what I’m passionate about and actively challenge myself (like studying abroad twice!). As president, I hope to motivate and support Macaulay students in taking full advantage of what our college has to offer and celebrate student successes. As a revamped MSC, I hope we can further connect Macaulay and it’s students and expand the opportunities available. I’d love to get to know you and answer any questions you may have. Reach me anytime:

Fun Fact – I was a cheerleader and played varsity soccer in high school!


justin ro

Class of 2018

Justin Roach

Major –






madhavClass of 2019

Madhav Bhatt

Major – Biology and Economcis

I love Macaulay because of the opportunities it offers it’s students. In a matter of a few years Macaulay has been able to cross paths with so many programs that the students are now able to partake in.

Fun Fact – I am an avid hiphop dancer!






Class of 2016

Jasmine Calle

Major – Biochemistry

Though I hope to become a veterinary scientist, I have always entertained an interest in representing the views of those around me; the scholars council is the best way for me to explore that avenue.

Fun Fact-I love playing video games and voice acting, though I am pretty terrible at both! Do what you love, kiddies!



Anthony Massa
Class of 2017

Anthony Massa

Major – Psychology/Dramatic Arts

I love Macaulay because of its ability to provide its students with two separate school experiences, essentially. We have our home campus and its many benefits, but we also have our Macaulay community and family, consisting of 8 separate campuses, where we can connect and expand our efforts within our careers throughout the five boroughs.

Fun Fact – I am an actor, singer, and dancer who has a passion for anything musical theater, whether that be performance, directing, producing and administration, or even technical needs. I have worked within many different theater aspects as a Producer, Director, Writer, Choreographer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, and PR and Outreach Coordinator!






IMG_0274Class of 2018

Madeleine Hayes

Major – International Studies

I love the way Macaulay is able to create a community within the CUNY system.

Fun Fact-I love to travel (when I have the time and money).





paulaClass of 2019

Paula Bongiovanni

Major- Undecided

The Macaulay Scholars Council is not only an excellent opportunity to be active in the student government, but it enables me to interact with Macaulay students from all eight campuses and discuss ideas about how to further enhance Macaulay. I am so proud to be a Macaulay student and I definitely look forward to contributing to the Scholars Council as the CSI Class of 2019 representative.

Fun Fact- I love The Office!


jennifer rClass of 2016

Jennifer Romero

Major -Political Philosophy

I am a graduating senior in Macaulay at Hunter and I wanted to take this opportunity to give back to the community that made me into the confident and accomplished woman I have grown to become. I am grateful for the supportive family I have at Macaulay and I am looking forward to contributing to a fun and successful year on the Scholars Council.

Fun Fact-I am double-jointed, I’ve been fishing for most of my life, and I learned how to drive a boat before driving a car.


12666383_10206919122488407_1684066540_nClass of 2017

Emaad Khwaja









Class of 2018

Heba Shaaban

Major – Biochemistry

I love working with the council to provide a great academic and social undergraduate experience for students at Macaulay!

Fun Fact- I like scuba diving!




ben kessClass of 2019

Bernard Kessler

Major – Political Science

I’m on the Scholars Council because I want to make sure everyone maximizes their Macaulay experience. That means informing people about existing events and activities, as well as creating new opportunities!

Fun Fact- I love learning about music, even though I’m not the best musician. I learned to play piano and tuba, and am taking a music history course right now and love it.


John Jay

Class of 2016 – No Rep

Class of 2017 – No Rep

Class of 2018 – No Rep

IMG_0270Class of 2019

Jonathan Penula

Major – Political Science

I’m on the Scholars Council because one of the best things that Macaulay provides is its community of students, one that I want to bring closer to John Jay.

Fun Fact – I collect decorative baseballs.



12666383_10206919122488407_1684066540_nPriom Islam

Class of 2016

Major – Political Science

The Scholar’s Council is the student body’s gateway to discourse.

Fun Fact – I write for the online Macaulay Messenger where I post stories on international affairs and geopolitics.




12666383_10206919122488407_1684066540_nClass of 2017

Evgenia Gorovaya








Mitasha PalhaClass of 2018

Mitasha Palha

Major – Biochemistry

Macaulay set a basis for me to meet wonderful people across all eight CUNY campuses and learn from the diversity of their backgrounds. A great opportunity Macaulay has provided for me was to fund my Volunteer Abroad trip in the Winter of 2016 to Goa, India.

Fun Fact- I am a huggeeee fan of The Walking Dead!




sharonClass of 2019

Sharon Lee

Major – Speech Pathology

I think Macaulay has this very special community and I’m really excited to be on the Scholars Council. We’ll be able to create a lot of fun and amazing opportunities.

Fun Fact- I am currently trying to memorize the Dewey decimal system!


12666383_10206919122488407_1684066540_nClass of 2016

Cassandra Price


I am on the Scholars Council because I love Macaulay! It’s given me a great chance to make friends across many of the campuses and get involved in so many different ways, and I’m so sad that this is my last year, but I’m determined to make the most of it by helping in as much as I can. I’ve been an MSC rep for the past two years, and I’m also the Editor in Chief of “The 67th Street Scribe” and co-founder of the Macaulay Creative Writing Club; feel free to say hi!

Fun Fact- I am madly in love with the hit new Broadway musical “Hamilton”, and 90% of the time if you see me bopping my head and humming while commuting on the LIRR, I’m listening to that.


michelle colemanClass of 2017

Michelle Coleman

Major – English and Sociology

Since my freshman year, I’ve wanted to join Scholar’s Council. It’s such a great way to get involved and connect Macaulay with my campus! I’m so glad that I am finally able to represent my class as a junior.

Fun Fact- I work at my campus’s Writing Center, which inspired me to be an English major! I love helping my peers learn about the writing process and express themselves!


clara hClass of 2018

Clara Helwaser

Major – History

Being in Macaulay has enabled me to grow and learn in a diverse yet cohesive environment where students are constantly learning from one another and are encouraged to pursue their passion beyond the classroom walls. I am excited to be on a the student council and give back to Macaulay by ensuring that the ideas and needs of the student body are not only heard but are also empowered and pursued.

Fun Fact- I’m from France!

kristen cClass of 2019

Kristen Cournane

Major – Biochemistry

I am a part of scholars council because I love to be involved with student life and to make school much more than just classes; I believe that this value of community plays a huge role in the success of the Macaulay Honors College and allows students to broaden their spiritual, social, and intellectual horizons.

Fun Fact- I’m learning the names of all of the nations… via SONG! United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru… just to name a few!




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