October 7, 2017



Class of 2018: Matthew Spataro

If you’re reading this, you’ve made a good choice. Matthew Spataro is a senior at Baruch College studying Marketing. Matthew loves television, comedy, and talking.  Some of his talents include lounging, laying down, and reclining.  He’s dedicated to helping find ways to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Call him, beep him, if you want to reach him. Anytime you need him, it’s okay!

Class of 2019: Nicolette Hussain

Hi, everyone! My name is Nicolette and I am a junior at Baruch College. This will be my third year serving as an MSC Representative and I am incredibly excited to work with all of you! I will be serving as VP of Academic Affairs for the second time this year, helping to facilitate conversation between the Macaulay administration and the student body on issues like Macaulay’s GPA requirement, new classes at Macaulay, and the effectiveness of seminar classes. The Academic Affairs Committee is taking action-based initiative this year, as well, by hosting student-led workshops and by compiling and simplifying the information students need most – such as honors requirements, E-Permit guidelines, and more. My major is accounting, but I am also passionate about issues of education and national and state politics. I read fiction in my free time, and love to explore the museums and restaurants of the city! Looking forward to a great year!

Class of 2020: Christian Buonamassa

Hi everyone! My name is Christian Buonamassa, and I’m the VP of Campus Affairs for the 2017-2018 Macaulay Scholars Council! This means that I chair the committee here at Macaulay that specifically focuses in on club life on campus. We have many responsibilities including reviewing potential new Macaulay clubs, setting the standards that clubs must meet to exist here at Macaulay, ensuring they’re active, facilitating our Club Council meetings, and encouraging collaboration amongst our clubs to help foster an expanding Macaulay Community. I’m very excited to work within our new group this year, and see what we can achieve as a whole.
A little about me personally is that I’m a Baruch Class of 2020 student, majoring in Accounting. I’m also the Treasurer of the Macaulay Business Club, and work as a bookkeeper at Gramercy Park Optical. I’m Italian-American, and from Massapequa, New York (best place ever). I’m a hardcore fan of the Jets, Knicks, Rocky, and Hulk Hogan. My favorite music is by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Frankie Valli. Last year I was lucky enough to be an employee of Macaulay, as the Student Life Assistant. This was an eye-opening experience, and only increased my desire to contribute to the Macaulay Community I mentioned earlier.
Class of 2021: Talita-Elena Vuvunikyan
Hey everyone! My name is Elena Vuvunikyan and I am gladly representing the freshman Macaulay Honors class at Baruch College. I am very excited to be a part of this council and I am honored to be a part of this journey. I live in Brooklyn and I graduated from a small k-12 school (NEST+M). There I was the president of Peer Leaders and SLT and vice president of the school’s film club. I love being productive but I also love sleep. Resting for me, goes hand in hand with Netflix and eating an absurd amount of food. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy going to the gym, painting, playing guitar and singing but sometimes I enjoy the sedentary lifestyle. I also love improv, so if you ever see me and you want to improvise a skit, I will gladly hop on board. I look forward to getting to know other reps and students in the Macaulay program and I hope we all have an awesome year!

Class of 2018: Chris Cali



Class of 2019: Maisha Kamal


Friends, Romans, countrymen (and women—this is the 21st century), lend me your ears. I’m Maisha Kamal, your new president for the 2017-2018 school year! I’m so excited to be serving on the council again, especially after having been VP of IT/Communications prior. With that experience, I’ve laid out my goals for this year to be (you guessed it) communication and community. Macaulay is unique and vibrant, and I’m looking forward to helping students connect across all our campuses. A little about me, although I haven’t changed much since last fall: I still love literature, art, film and coffee—so much so that I’ve become a full-blown lonely author stereotype. If you have any questions or just want to chat about shared passions, shoot me an email or a Facebook message. I promise I don’t bite.

Class of 2020: Jess Jiang

Hi I’m Jessica! This is my first year on Scholars Council and will be serving on the IT/Communications committee. I’m so excited to be working with all of you. My main goal is to create effortless communication between the board and students as well as listening and implementing your concerns. I’m currently majoring in Business Administration and Communications with a concentration in Marketing. I love taking on computer science opportunities whenever I can. My hobbies include taking naps, binge watching TV shows, and exploring NYC’s museums and restaurants. If you need to reach out to me at any time during the year, just email me at: jessica.jiang@macaulay.cuny.edu I am more than happy to help!

Class of 2021: Christine Chow

Hey everyone! My name is Christine and I am the representative for Brooklyn College’s Class of 2021 on the Macaulay Scholars Council. I am incredibly honored to hold this position and I can’t wait to see what the year ahead holds for us. I’m excited to be a part of this council because I want to represent your voices and make continuous strides towards the improvement of Macaulay. I am currently majoring in biology on the pre-med track. My hobbies include swimming, playing golf, and volunteering at hospitals and humanitarian foundations. I’m super active and always up for an adventure, so hit me up if you ever decide to go skydiving, ziplining, exploring the city, or something along those lines!! If you ever feel the need to reach me, feel free to email me at chowchristine03@gmail.com or add me on Facebook! Here’s to a great year!!


Class of 2019: Madhav Bhatt


Class of 2019: Hillary Syeda

Hello fellow Macaulay students! My name is Hillary and I am currently a junior at City College. This is my first year serving as a representative for MSC and I am beyond honored and excited! A little about me, I am pursuing a biology degree and am on the premed track. I work at a tutoring center, I am part of the America Needs You (ANY) fellowship, I am volunteering at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, and I am starting cancer research soon at City College. During my free time, I love reading, listening to spoken word poetry, writing, and taking long walks. I also love playing the guitar although I’m not very good.  

I am most excited about being a part of the Community Service Committee. I have always been aware of the lack of resources for minorities and underrepresented groups in our society. Even though this is my first year, I am looking forward to working with all the other members and the entire student body to organize as many community service projects as possible. I also hope that we can create partnerships with nonprofit organizations to build relationships that will last beyond our years here and hopefully leave an impact. I strongly believe that each of us have within us the potential to change the world but that change starts with us.      

I am extremely thrilled to have gotten this opportunity to work with all of you and am looking forward to building a stronger Macaulay community where every students voice is heard loud and clear. I am super friendly and approachable. If you see me around, please do say hi. I would love to chat with you guys and hear any feedback that you might have for us!

Class of 2020: Samah Islam

I’m Samah (like ya want summa dis), sophomore, VP of It/Communications, sabre fencer, Slytherin, kid extraordinaire…. and my social security is–ha, you woulda thought. Hi. Nice to meet ya. I’d like to thank my peers for being so kind as to vote for me for a second year in a row to represent you. Now my plan for world domination is in order. In all seriousness, my plans for this year other than slowly taking over the world include finding ways to ensure all that happens in the Scholars council is made known to the student body, so no longer is there suspicion and intrigue around the area. No illuminati workings I promise. In the coming months, I hope to bridge the gap between student and Scholars representative like any good Avatar would do through, and you can help out! If you have any ideas or suggestions I’m more than happy to hear you out! Email me, I respond to that quicker than facebook despite being Generation Z We’re all in this together. What up high school musical reference. 


Class of 2018: Alexandra Montesinos

Hey Guys! My name is Alexandra and I am a senior at Hunter College. I am on the Pre-med track and majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience. Personally, I have a strong love (obsession?) for photography (I’ll take pictures of everything!). However, I’ve recently picked up dancing and that’s been so much fun to learn. I’m a big fan of trying new things, and sleeping, and eating (mostly sleeping) (who isn’t?). I’m very excited to be your representative and want to voice your ideas and concerns, so feel free to come and let me know about anything. This is my first time on the Scholar’s Council, but let’s make this the best year yet!

Class of 2019: Michelle Rangel

Michelle Rangel is a Junior in Macaulay at Hunter College pursuing a Psychology major with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience. She is an aspiring physician excited to be Class Representative for 2019. As a member of Hunter’s fencing team, she values school spirit and communication. Her experiences involve being a senior health educator in Peer Health Exchange, graphic designer for Prehealth Organization, and research associate at NYU Langone participating in clinical research in the Emergency department. Recently, she joined Hunter’s undergraduate student government as Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee. During her free time, she enjoys cooking and hiking.

Class of 2020: Angela Chi

I’m incredibly excited to be serving as the VP of Community Service as well as the Representative for Hunter Class of 2020. This will be my second year serving on the council, and I look forward to connecting the students to more service opportunities throughout the year. I aim to make volunteer events more accessible by organizing at least one event in each borough. I also want to open up discussion on how to make service trips more about aiding what is really needed by organizations. Just a little tidbit about me: I love getting lost in museums. If not music, eating amazing food will make me happy. I am always looking for restaurant and book recommendations!

Class of 2021: Peter Simonetti

Hey Macaulay peers! I’m Peter Simonetti and this is my first year as a representative for the Macaulay Scholars Council! I represent the class of 2021 at Hunter College and serve as a member of the Campus Affairs Committee. To tell you a little more about myself, I am originally from Staten Island, New York and growing up I always held extensive interests in history and performing. I am an actor and I am also extremely politically active taking part in Our Revolution and the Human Rights Campaign. I am a Pre-Law student studying political science, history, and theater. Moreover, I hope to achieve great things with the Macaulay Scholars Council in order to innovate and bring energy to the Macaulay Community!

John Jay

Class of 2018: Haley Dobson

Haley is a senior in the Cuny BA program studying Physical and Psychological Wellness. This is her second year representing John Jay on the Scholars Council, and she is also a member of Macaulay’s award-winning acapella group, the Macaulay Triplets. She hopes to go to graduate school for Sport and Exercise Science and one day become a health coach.

Class of 2019: Jonathan Penula

My name is Jonathan Penuela and I am a junior working on a Political Science major and minors in Economics Latin American Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. As a member of the Academic Affairs Committee, I think that an active, vibrant, and informed campus and community is essential to our success as students. I’m passionate about public policy, baseball, and most importantly, the general welfare of my fellow Macaulay students! I very much look forward to another year with the Macaulay Scholars Council! Find me in the Student Lounge on Mondays from 1:30-4PM.

Class of 2020: Soraya Alli

Hey everyone! My name is Soraya and I’m a sophomore at John Jay College. My academic and career interests lie at the intersection of computer science, education, and public policy. I enjoy coding and solving complex math problems, just as much as I enjoy reading about history, working with students, and advocating for social justice. My personal hobbies include taking naps (what’s sleep this semester?), binge-watching a good TV show, trying out new places to eat, and learning new things. I find solace in listening to the concerns of my communities (all that I occupy) and collaboratively coming up with solutions to solve them. That being said, I am honored to be the Sophomore Rep for John Jay, as I intend to listen to and advocate for each of you. We’re in this together, fam. Let’s have a great year!

Class of 2021: Dylan Senkiw

Hello everyone! My name is Dylan Senkiw, and I am the John Jay representative for the class of 2021. I will be working on the committee of Academic Affairs and I am very excited begin this productive year. I am a political science and computer science double major, and I aim to attend law school after graduation. Some of my hobbies include volleyball, traveling and languages, and I always love to try new things. I am eager to work with the rest of the Macaulay Scholars Council representatives this year, and I hope to make some valuable progress.


Class of 2018: Alexandria Brown-Panisse

I am a senior at Macaulay at Lehman College. A social work and psychology double major and an avid reader of crime novels. I have aspirations of working in policy, so law school is next!

Class of 2020: Kara Hernandez

Hey Guys! My name is Kara Hernandez and I am a sophomore at Lehman College. This is my first year serving on the Council and I am in the Community Service committee! Community service has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember. Throughout High School I was the President of the Penny Harvest club and even till this day, I still volunteer at a rehabilitation facility in Queens. Some of my other passions include, reading, watching Mets games, Photography, and swimming. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Puerto Rican Studies. Additionally, this year I am the student leader of the Macaulay Diversity Initiative. I am excited about all the great things that are in store for the Scholars Council this year!

Class of 2020: Julia Muallem

Hey guys! I’m Julia Muallem, and I am a sophomore at Lehman College. I’m majoring in psychology and minoring in anthropology, while on the pre-med track. I am currently a research associate at NYU Langone where I conduct clinical research in the Emergency department. I am no stranger to advocacy. Among other things, in high school, I lobbied on Capitol Hill for three years, for issues such as women’s rights in the workplace, subsidizing clean and reusable energy sources, and free access to feminine hygiene products in schools and homeless shelters. (Which has finally been passed in a bill!!) I also love working in community service projects and am excited to be serving in the Community Service committee this year. This year I aim to help create more of a sense of community between all of our campuses. I cannot wait to work with all you guys to make Macaulay even greater. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at julialeigh.muallem@gmail.com.

Class of 2021: Sebastian Leung

Hey guys! I’m Sebastian and I’m currently a freshman at Lehman. I’m really excited to be given the opportunity to serve my fellow scholars as part of the student council body. I am interested in pursuing a career in law and hope to be able to use the skills I develop to help others. I will probably end up majoring in Business Law and PoliSci. I have many interests/hobbies and I’m always open to trying new things! I like to play and watch sports, play video games, read books, work out, learn new things, hang out with friends, and of course, EAT! One interesting fact: I am a track cyclist. That means I ride bikes without brakes on a slopes, ovular track! Fun! If you ever want to make a new friend or workout together or play games or just talk, email me at: Sebastian.Leung@macaulay.cuny.edu


Class of 2018: Allison Thorsen

Hi everyone, my name is Allison! I am majoring in Classics, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Comparative Literature with a minor in Honors in the Humanities. I am passionate about languages, literature, and tea. Seriously, ask me whatever you want to know about tea! I am currently interning in the Morgan Library & Museum’s reference collection. I also work as a UN representative for the Universal Esperanto Association, where I advocate for language diversity and policy. This year I am serving on the Campus Affairs committee! If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns, please email me at allison.thorsen@macaulay.cuny.edu!

Class of 2019: Kristen Cournane


Hello there, Macaulay friends! My name is Kristen Cournane and I am currently a junior at Queens College. This will be my third year serving on the council, and I am looking forward to building upon our foundation of eight-campus-wide, community-oriented, wonderful achievements! Last year, I had the pleasure of working with the IT/Communications committee and am eager to rejoin the Student Life committee this year. My goals for this year include (and most definitely are not limited to) keeping everyone “in the know” about anything and everything going on at Macaulay, facilitating meaningful communication between the student body and administrators, and designing inclusive events that will create lifelong Macaulay memories!

I am majoring in Accounting and minoring in Business and Mathematics. Alas, my heart belongs to the theater! I have always had a passion for dancing, singing, and acting. During my free time, you’ll catch me at the mall with my mom, pirouetting in a dance studio, partying it up with my friends, or hitting the books at a local coffee shop. Cheers to an awesome year, my friends!

Class of 2020: Destiny Batista

Hellllooo Macaulay! I’m Destany Batista and I’m on the cusp of being a Gemini and a Cancer, a huge Potterhead, and I also happen to be VP of Student Life! This will be my second year serving on the council and I’m excited to see what we can all accomplish together. I’m a sophomore at Queens College and I major in Urban Studies. This will be my 6th consecutive year serving on a student government and each year my love and passion for serving the student body grows. Here’s to a successful and fun year!

College of Staten Island

Class of 2019: Genevieve Buccigrossi

Hello! My name is Genevieve and I am a junior at the College of Staten Island. This will be my first year as a member of the Scholars Council and I am excited for the upcoming year. I will be apart of the Academic Affairs committee where I want to help discuss the curriculum and requirements that Macaulay students and the Macaulay administration can agree upon. A little bit about me is that I am an accounting major and I love just about anything that has to do with numbers. I am a huge baseball fan who watches just about every Yankee game (Let’s go Yankees!!). In my spare time I love to watch movies, solve Sudoku puzzles, go shopping and hang out with my family and friends. I’m looking forward to a great year!

Class of 2021: Shawn Abraham

Hey Everyone! My name is Shawn Abraham and I am currently a freshman at the College of Staten Island! Although I haven’t officially declared my major, my intended major is Computer Science & Economics. This is my first year as a member of the Macaulay Student Council furthermore I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to serve and represent my class! I as a high school student was no stranger to advocacy. I always called my congressman and Senators every week for the past four years for issues that truly concerned me greatly for example education reform, immigration reform, spending/budgeting etc. just to name a few. I am extremely passionate about serving the people. I hope that one day, I can actually enter public service and be your congressman or senator or even President(fingers-crossed)! Apart from this, I also enjoy working for the public and taking part in many community service projects. I simply cannot wait to work with all of you this year to Make Macaulay Great Again! This is our home for the next four years! Let’s make these four years memorable! On a side note, I am a huge fan of the House of Cards Series, Alpha House, VEEP, and the Man in the High Castle. I also read the Wall Street Journal every day. Lastly, I hope to hear from my fellow constituents so if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at shawn.abraham@macaulay.cuny.edu. I serve at the pleasure of the Macaulay Class of 2021 at the College of Staten Island! I am here to serve you!