Why I do not set minimum pages/number of entries for the annotated bibliography

Hi Folks

As you know, I posted extensive guidance on the annotated bibliography some time ago.  I did not, however, specify a minimum number of pages or entries.  Why?  Because you now should be at the point where you are thinking for yourselves about your research, gathering information in a meaningful way (not as filler or just to meet a requirement), and gearing up to write a strong final paper, which is now, for those of you who did not catch this in prior postings, a minimum of five (not seven) single spaced pages.

Like all of you, I, too was an undergraduate under a lot of pressure (back in the 1980’s), working part time.  I still recall the research papers I wrote and the research skills I gathered writing those papers as some of the more important skills and knowledge sets that I gained in college.  Approach your annotated bibliography and your final paper in the same spirit!

Let me know, as always, if you have specific questions.


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