Too Much Garbage

The world is generating more and more garbage than ever before. This is even more true for the United States. As Pellows stated, the United States accounts for 19 percent of all the world’s garbage while only having 5 percent of the world’s population. This means that the United States is producing much more garbage than the rest of the world. Since the United States is a first world country, they also produce more than third world countries. Most of the waste is sent off to these places that produce less waste. Many denser cities such as New York City send off their garbage to other locations. Should this be the current method of waste disposal? Do you think that countries should create a better alternative to shipping their garbage to other places? Do you think waste disposal is a serious enough problem that needs our current attention? Or can we put it off for a couple of years doing what we already do?

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2 Responses to Too Much Garbage

  1. Waste disposal in New York City should be changed. But, I do not think it can be changed for a while. The kind of culture that the United States has along with many other first world countries is that of a luxurious and wasteful culture. People will not give up their luxuries and their “wasteful” ways unless a catastrophic event occurs. Waste disposal is a serious problem. However, I do not think people will turn their attention to it until it is too late.

    In today’s news, we read about gun control laws and financial situations all over the world. The truth is, people do not care enough about their garbage because it is out of sight and mind after they are finished with it. The poorer countries deal with it and this is a terrible way to go about disposing of garbage. The truth is, it will probably be put off for many years until garbage piles up more and more. When poor third world countries begin to lose their status of third world country, the garbage situation will become more paramount and will begin to pop out to people.

  2. Megan Chiu says:

    I agree with Chris that our waste management system needs to be changed. Generally speaking, our attitude towards waste management and environmental sustainability is very lax. There is little urgency in protecting the environment and finding sustainable processes. It seems like NYC has adopted an “out of sight out of mind” mentality when it comes to waste management, especially because we ship away our problems. It shouldn’t be a poorer country’s responsibility to deal with our problems and our garbage. We need to be more socially responsible, which is why the budding issues cannot be put off for another few years. Is it worth the risk to underestimate the true negative implications of our waste management practices, or is it better to be proactive and make the changes now?

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