Tuesday April 16- A full class

Hi Everyone:

This is just to alert you that we will be having a very full and tight class schedule this coming Tuesday.   Arrive on time and be prepared to stay until 2:05.  The program for the class is as follows:

1. General remarks on presenting in groups at the Macaulay conference.

2.  Guest speaker: We are honored to have Jonathan Krones, a PhD student from MIT, here to discuss the concept of urban metabolism and how it relates to his research.  Give him your full attention and ask questions.

3.  Collaborative Learning Contributions –

Lawrence – the Right to the City

Kelly – Green Accounting

Richard – Plastic bags

This will lead into my discussion of plastics and environmental justice.  I will be calling on Group 2 members at random during this discussion, although I encourage everyone, as usual, to participate.

Let me know if you have questions.



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