Comments on Edson’s Project, the First to be Posted!


First, thanks for being the first to post.  You have chosen a terrific project idea, and yours is an example for others to follow.

In this regard, let me strongly suggest that you now narrow down the focus of your topic to one particular aspect of NYC subways in an era of climate change.   Choosing a focus topic will still give you room to get a broad, historical and comparative overview of the issue (which you have proposed very well) but will keep you from being drawn off in too many directions.   A suggestion for narrowing focus might be on the issue of flooding in the subway system, or even flooding on a particular line or station.  You can always adjust if you go to narrow, but normally students thank me for pushing them to narrow and specify early.

All students should keep this in mind.  In addition, Edson will be able to blend his research with the assigned readings (and optional readings) we are covering during Week 8, which will help him and enhance the class.  As you conduct your research, try to maximize the resources already covered in class.

Great work Edson!  Let me know when you have refined your focus.

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