Who benefits from Green Accounting?

Green Accounting and sustainability accounting are two accountability movements that are becoming more popular in their use by businesses. It is stated that in doing so, a business can incorporate many other factors that may affect the profitability of their company. Reputation, legitimacy, employee related problems and other things all have internal and external costs that a company has to deal with. However, I think that the ultimate benefits of green accounting does not fall on the businesses lap. Instead, as Vincent(2000) asserts, “We seek through green accounting to answer the question – Will a country be as well-off in the future as in the present” (p.14). It seems that green accounting can be of great importance to countries and their respective governments. By knowing such information, a country can act accordingly in an effort to address world related problems.

Is it possible for a country to use green accounting to set standards for businesses in an effort to address common problems presented in reports? Can practices be established such that they will help create a future where its citizens are well off financially, socially, and environmentally?

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