Transhumanism and Procreation

Some scientists say that transhumanism’s ultimate goal of escaping mortality will be feasible within this century. In his article, Zoltan Istvan, keeps this thought in mind when he poses this question, “Should transhumanists have children?”

Illustrating several viewpoints that address this inquiry, Istvan half-heartedly says that biologic life will become obsolete. From Istvan’s perspective, having children doesn’t make sense, because, by his understanding of transhumanism, humans will be able to upload their brains into computers, will take on virtual lives, and will adapt to this new virtual world. How and why would anyone raise a child?

This article, though  thought-provoking, produces no concrete answer to the question, “Should transhumanists have children?” Valid points about transhumanism are made throughout, but the author, who appears to be on the cusp of totally agreeing that procreation will become pointless, recoils by stating that he looks forward to the birth of his daughter–a real “cop out.”

Keeping to the scope of Istvan’s idea of transhumanism and posthumanism, I, personally, don’t take any of these arguments seriously, because I don’t see transhumanism and posthumanism as viable means of immortality. Living in a virtual world is not really “living.” In order to be living, one must be experiencing life–not existing in a sterile, unfeeling virtual world. As for raising kids, that’s really a personal preference that transhumanism need not address.

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