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The future of food composting

Eleni Efstathiadis, Edward Pinkhasik, Ariel Marrisa, Rishi Ajmera, Gen Hua Tan

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Self-sustaining Flashlight

For the drawing, I chose a flashlight that doesn’t take any batteries to run, but instead runs off of the heat from a person’s hand or from shaking the flashlight. The flashlight will have a small engine in the middle of it that the person envelops their hand around that will store the kinetic or heat energy that the person conducts. As a flashlight is one of the emergency tools included in everyone’s household, I think it’s an important tool for everyone to have that will work in emergencies without any form of energy other than the person’s hand or shaking the flashlight. flashlight

Too Little Too Late?

In “The Long Slow Rise Of Solar And Wind”, the author explains the intensely long period of time it would take our society to convert from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy, mainly because of the size of demand of energy today and the lack of technology to supply USA with enough energy to meet this demand.

Will solar and wind energy facilities be enough to provide the consistently growing energy demand of America?

And if this transition to renewable energy would take as long as it took to switch from wood and coal, what kind of environmental damage can we expect by the time we fully convert from fossil fuels?

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"I think it's a great idea for NYC to consider other methods of waste removal in order to save transportation money and help the environment by reducing pollution, but they should take into consideration the environmental effects of their alternative methods. If they want to ship waste out of New York state, then they need to take into account the amount of carbon emissions the alternative shipping method uses up as well and if storing it out of state is just bringing the same problems we're dealing with into another place. I believe the alternative methods that Comprehensive Solid Waste Plan named can greatly benefit NYC in terms of getting rid of our waste more effectively. Not only does waste removal cause further greenhouse gas emissions, but the storage of it in selected places ruins those places' ecosystems and causes discomfort to residents living around there. Even the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant takes great care to reduce the fumes and smells that come out from their facility in order to prevent causing discomfort to their neighbors. I believe waste should be removed by one of the methods such as WTE incineration or Thermal Processing to get the most benefit from this conversion in environmental terms."
--( posted on Feb 18, 2014, commenting on the post Finding New Ways to Move Our Garbage )