Self-sustaining Flashlight

For the drawing, I chose a flashlight that doesn’t take any batteries to run, but instead runs off of the heat from a person’s hand or from shaking the flashlight. The flashlight will have a small engine in the middle of it that the person envelops their hand around that will store the kinetic or heat energy that the person conducts. As a flashlight is one of the emergency tools included in everyone’s household, I think it’s an important tool for everyone to have that will work in emergencies without any form of energy other than the person’s hand or shaking the flashlight. flashlight

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photoFor this assignment I tried to envision the future of solar panel technology and how it will be further improved. Instead of having several panels installed outside, all surfaces in your house would be able to absorb energy from the sun and this way no solar panels would be needed at all. For example, I drew a phone whose battery is being charged just by placing it on the table. Similarly, the lamp is able to turn on because it is sitting on the floor, which is emitting electricity as well. In the drawing, I tried to illustrate the energy from the sun using the green lines.

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This is a self sustaining oxygen mask. The tank is powered by a plant, which releases oxygen as carbon dioxide is absorbed from the user, hence putting an end to oxygen tanks. I decided to use a plant rather than a plain mechanical converter, because I am interested in the genetic engineering of plants and living things. I believe that technology and nature can coexist and create awesome inventions like this. The mask itself can be greatly beneficial to not only swimmers and astronauts, but in a post apocalyptic world where oxygen might be scarce. We have continuously made strides in science to create unlimited energy sources and I believe that this invention will one day come to fruition.

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My picture really is just a teleportation device. But this is just one aspect of travel. What I am really interested is super fast travel. As we advance into the future, transportation is certainly a field that we need to drastically improve if we wish to survive the earth. I think it is amazing that traveling across the world takes less than a day whereas in the past, people would take months. This time-space compression is a trend that we definitely need to continue in order to one day colonize the galaxies around us through interstellar transportation. What I am really thinking is something like star trek where they have warp drives as well as the ability to beam people up or down.

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I know this idea has been mentioned and probably in the works, but I have been wanting something like this to actually happen and to be something that will become a “normal thing” in our society. Our generation is really into technology. For example, every person is looking for the new phone, the new computer, the new technology. I hate carrying wallets. I hate carrying a lot of things. I simply just like carrying the one most important thing to me, which happens to be my phone. My phone holds my contacts, my social media updates, my pictures, basically everything that I need is on my phone (probably not always a good thing). The one thing my phone lacks is the ability to hold everything that I have in my wallet. If there was an app that would allow me to literally put all my credit cards, my ids, and my metro-card in one, so I wouldn’t have to carry around my wallet, my life would be so much easier. The way one would pay with the credit card is a simple QR code that is always different for every person. Simply just scan the QR code, which would just be like using a credit card machine that reads the barcode. Literally everything could be accessible through your phone and it would be secure by using a pin code, just like you would use a pin code for your debit card. I think this would be a huge thing in the future because people want to find the easiest way to access the information they need and why wouldn’t this be the best thing to invest in? It’s literally having everything in the palm of your hands within seconds rather than rummaging through your bag for a good 5 minutes looking for your wallet when the train is right in front of you. Just take your phone scan your metro-card and on the train to your destination.

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Future House

This is a future house that I envisioned. The main feature of this house is that it has legs, which would life the house up in case of flooding to prevent the water from getting into the house. The legs would be controlled from the inside by pushing a button. The house will also have several other features, which I am not too sure what exactly they will be, but they would help the house be more resilient to the climate change.

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No More Clutter


I really hate clutter and giant speakers in living not only take up a lot of room, they also make a nice rooms look cluttered.  That’s why I decided that in my future here will be invisible speakers.  These speakers will produce good quality sound that comes from a membrane placed over the screen.  The membrane contains nano speakers thus making the speaker invisible.

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Bag in a Bottle

bubble bag

I drew a picture about the future of bags.  Many a time have I found myself carrying multiple heavy bags after a long day of shopping.  This has not only contributed to a lot of complaining but also a bad back.  So I envisioned a future that would carrying heavier objects easier, making them lighter than air.  All one would need is a bottle and a bubble wand.  The bubble serum is made to withstand the Earth’s lowest atmosphere and will not pop unless it leaves this atmosphere (i.e. airplane cruising altitude) so it will not pop seconds after being created.

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Thing one, thing two, thing three..

For my picture, I envisioned a future that will allow you to duplicate yourself. There will be a machine or some sort and you are able to go in and it’ll scan your entire body, from how you look to how your personality is, and duplicate it. You can pick specific functions for each clone, such as one would do homework and study, while another one will sleep and catch up on rest, and another one works out your body to ensure that you’re healthy and the last one can be making money by going to work. While all that’s being done, you can do whatever you want. This will not only save time, but allow us to multi task and be more productive.

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Simulated Gravity


Flying. I always thought about how great it would be if I can fly, levitate, or just float. In space that’s possible, but we have little to do in space so therefore that’s not useful. It would be great if flying is possible on Earth. So my drawing is of clothing made of some light weight and flexible material that can convert probably solar energy into electricity to power the simulated gravity sensors that is on the person’s hands, legs and possibly the person’s back/front too. Traveling would be so much more convenient. Future cars could probably imitate this technology too, but restrictions or air lanes will have to be stationed to avoid traffic/too many cars driving randomly. Personally, it would be nice just to have people flying while cars become obsolete.


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