Here’s What You Missed This Month: March

Photo via the New Yorker.

Is it truly already April? Seems like March just flew us by, by by.


Zayn Malik and that Mind of His…

Former boybander Zayn Malik, who now just goes by “Zayn,” released his first solo album, Mind of Mine, on March 25—also the date he left One Direction a year ago. As of late, there appears to be a lot of bad blood between Zayn and his former bandmates (Zayn’s whole departure was surrounded by controversy), but it’s clear that he’s definitely doing what he loves and experimenting with the sound he knows best. Mine of Mine is also doing not too shabby on the charts; in addition to being at the top of the US’ Billboard 200, it’s #1 in several countries. Guess everyone’s just Pillowtalk, talk, talkin’ it up. Want a listen? Zap!

Pope Francis, #nofilter

Our favorite Pope joined the instaverse two weeks ago, striving to reach his followers yet another way. His bio reads “I want to walk with you along the way of God’s mercy and tenderness.” #blessed? Pretty much.

March Mad Cow Disease

That’s what everybody’s been talking about…right? Kidding. March Madness swept up the nation, with people scurrying to fill out their brackets (or whatever). The results? The Villanova Wildcats are playing the North Carolina Tar Heels on April 4. May the games begin (and end).

Adios, Dr. Luke

The Kesha rape case is one that’s been followed around the world. For a comprehensive detailing of the legal struggles, click here or here. Regardless of that, here’s the low-down: Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke, claiming that he drugged her and then proceeded to rape her when she was 18. She desired to be freed from her contract, but a judge ultimately decided that would not be happening. What then followed was an outpouring of love and support for the star, from musicians like Taylor Swift (who donated $250,000 to the cause) and Miley Cyrus. But there’s also been recent developments in the case: Sony apparently plans to drop Dr. Luke from the label, and Kesha refuses to take back her statements. Will the artist see justice be served? We hope so.

Also in entertainment: George Martin, producer of the Beatles, passed away at age 90 on March. Click here for the Times’ coverage of this sad loss.

Nation and World

Enough with the Violence

Terror ravaged the world in March in unexplainable ways. Wikipedia actually has a full list. The most prominent (or most media-covered, at least) were the bombings in Brussels, Belgium and Lahore, Pakistan.

Brussels: A series of explosions occurred on the morning of March 22, 2016, two at an airport and one at a subway station, an attack pegged as preventable by Turkish government officials. This comes after the Belgian government supposedly captured a top suspect in the November 2015 Paris attacks. The bombings claimed 32 victims and three suicide bombers, and left 300 injured. In the aftermath, security was necessarily heightened and the suspect is being searched for. The latest news is that a suspicious laptop was found.

Lahore: An attack originally targeting Christians, a deadly blast on Easter Sunday killed 75 and wounded over 300 in a Pakistan park, the victims being primarily women and children. The perpetrators were a group linked to the Taliban called Jamaat-ul-Ahrar.

Viva el Cuba! Sort of?

President Obama took a historic trip to Cuba last month after opening up diplomatic relations in 2014. This is a big deal because Cuba and the US haven’t been friendly since the 50s, when Cold War tensions, a missile crisis, and Communism severed the thread. Curious to know how it went? Photos here. Knowledge here and here. Does that mean the embargo will be lifted and give the country’s economy a boost? Eh.

Also: What does Fidel Castro have to say? Aquí. No bueno.

Moving Forward After Flint

Michigan isn’t having your lies any longer. A problem that started in 2014 after the town switched over to a cheaper water supply, the Flint Water Crisis has affected thousands with possible lead contamination. Recent developments? A lawsuit, testimony, and pointed fingers. Full coverage here. Still want to learn more? Attend the CUNY for Flint event on April 22, 2016 at the Macaulay Building (35 W 67th Street) from 5-7pm. Speakers, beverages, fun.

Debate Season Dwindles/A Race to the Polls

Missed the debates? Fortunately there were less of them this time (because Trump is rather tired of them). Trump talked about his genitals, Rubio fought for the last inklings of relevance (and then dropped out of the race upon losing Florida), Bernie and Hillary argued—the usual.

Watch, read, cringe, learn:

Dems: March 6 and March 9

GOP: March 3 and March 10

Primary season is also in full swing. Things are looking good for the predicted front-runners, but don’t count Bernie or Ted out just yet. The results thus far? Thank Politico.

Also, don’t forget to vote in New York’s primary on April 19th!


That court case about Apple and the FBI mentioned in last month’s recap? Resolved. The FBI managed to unlock the phone in question. Does this mean my gadgets aren’t safe anymore?

Loads of Religious Lawsuits

Isn’t it supposed to be the 21st century? Looking at you Mississippi, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Also in nation and world: former first lady Nancy Reagan passed on March 6 at the age of 94; architect Zaha Hadid passed on March 31Scott Kelly landed; Brandon of HONY also released a statement about Trump loaded with anger.

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