Macaulay Student Frances Raybaud Wins Boren Scholarship

Frances learned to love the Arabic language. Suffice to say that the relationship did not get off to a smooth start, the subject quickly became the bane of her existence, and the recipient of much scorn. So it is shocking– and incredible– that now, a year later, Frances is the recipient of a six-month scholarship from the U.S. State Department to study both the Arabic language and Political Science in Morocco. She is the first student to win such award at Queens College since 2011.


Originally, Arabic and Frances did not mix; however, in this past year, after attempting the language again, she found it more beautiful and navigable than she remembered from her frustrated freshman past. It was this immense beauty in the language that solidified her desire to travel to the Middle East to study Arabic. As linguistic beauty inspired learning, an eagerness to work to bring change to the Middle East as a Foreign Service Officer guides Frances to study subjects like politics and French with the intention of working one day in foreign relations. As a Boren Scholar, next Fall, Frances will take Arabic classes aimed at making her fluent during her time there. Additionally, she will complete a number of Political Science courses, as well as a service learning projects related to the environment and women’s rights. After graduating, Frances will have the chance to work in government, but it is not the job opportunities at the end of the tunnel that motivate her in this endeavor. She would tell you, as she has told me, it is a great interest in the subject, and an extraordinary love of the Arabic language.

In addition to receiving the Boren Scholarship, Frances also won the Queens College Ibrahim Fellowship. She will travel to various countries throughout the Middle East before settling finally in Morocco to undertake her study abroad. Congrats, Frances!

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