Hope When We Need It the Most

By Jacqueline Blyudoy

March and April 2020 are two months we will all remember for the rest of our lives. As the international death toll rose at alarming rates, national leaders across the globe closed their borders and ordered citizens to stay at home with no estimate of when this nightmare will be over. As of April 25, the US death toll has surpassed 50,000. At this point, everyone either has or knows someone that has a relative who succumbed to COVID-19. It is fair to say that we are experiencing “history textbook content” firsthand. We will have some interesting stories to tell our grandkids about “that once in a lifetime experience” during which we couldn’t leave the house for two months and counting. 

As college and high school graduates are notified of milestone cancellations, weddings are postponed, and more, it is easy to lose hope. However, American citizens have found beautiful ways to shine light during a time of darkness and document these moments on social media. Unfortunately, Aries and Taurus season babies have had to celebrate their somber birthdays at home without extended family and friends. However, loved ones have tackled this problem with a touch of creativity: they draw posters, gather gifts and balloons, and drive-by their house. Numerous videos have circulated showing people honking as one car after another passes by with a special birthday individual glowing in awe. In addition, those turning “the big 21” and hoping to spend their birthday in Vegas are surprised with a makeshift bar by their lovely parents–turned waiters and bartenders. Families have still managed to share heartfelt milestones. Another popular video shows a recently engaged lady standing outside her grandfather’s nursing home window pointing to her new ring. Lastly, during Passover and Easter, families used video platforms to see one another as they performed their rituals and ate a grand meal. While they could not be there physically, they connected spiritually.

These instances of kindness and teamwork truly show how even in the worst of times, we can all come together to support one another. While the future is unpredictable, the American population is indestructible—when we unite, we face the fight.

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