America’s Got Talent: Three Consecutive Years of Golden Buzzer Success

Season 12 of America’s Got Talent (AGT) has concluded, and thanks to the results, the golden buzzer appears to finally be building some momentum. For three consecutive years, AGT winners (the last two were kids, at that) have been recipients of golden buzzers. In Season 10, Paul Zerdin received guest judge Marion Wayans’ golden buzzer during judge […]

Joe Johnson: The Ageless Dinosaur

Joe Johnson will forever have his place in NBA history as the clutchest player of all-time and perhaps the player with the most nicknames. According to Basketball Reference, his nicknames consist of “Iso Joe,” “Joe Cool,” “Big Shot Joe,” and “Armadillo Cowboy” (really, where did that last one come from? And they’re missing one, but […]

“Quantico” Shows Deeper Connection Between Fear and Terrorism

ABC’s hit series, “Quantico,” concluded its first season Sunday night. “Quantico” revolves around top-of-her-class Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) trainee Alex Parrish, played by renowned Bollywood actress and model Priyanka Chopra. The show begins with Alex being framed for committing the biggest terrorist act since 9/11: the bombing of Grand Central. As the show progresses, […]

The Reality of Friendships

Every now and then, I reflect on my life and all of the people I’ve crossed paths with. I’ve realized that not a lot of people have stayed in my life, and I haven’t really made any lasting friendships. The people I stay connected with vary every year (maybe even after a few months), and […]