Revisiting “Persona”: A Film that Defied Society and Defined Cinema

Amongst the canon movie classics like Citizen Kane, Casablanca and Psycho lies a particularly odd gem: Ingmar Bergman’s female-oriented film Persona. Released in 1966, an era when women were finding a new platform to raise their voices in the U.S., Bergman’s film explores the relationship between two women. The psychological screenplay continues to plague analysts today. […]

A Conversation Between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill and Melinda Gates at Hunter College

On February 13, Hunter College’s Assembly Hall was packed to the brim as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates graced the stage in order to discuss the Gates’ 10th annual letter. After Jennifer Raab, Hunter College’s President, introduced Miranda, the Hunter College alumnus got the crowd warmed up to receive the stars of the […]

Deep Space 9: Diversity for the Sake of Good Storytelling

Science fiction has long been a place for philosophy buffs to play around with deep moral dilemmas and original sociopolitical theses. Valérian and Laureline rejected the ideals of masculinity. Dune and Star Wars explored religious conflicts. As for Star Trek… well, Star Trek did it all. All of these stories captured the hearts of billions. Their tales will be engraved in […]