Nine Wonderful Women at Macaulay

Lisa Brundage Role at Macaulay: Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology Bio (via Macaulay’s website): In this role, she supports integration of pedagogically appropriate academic technology into Macaulay seminars and provides student and faculty support for digital project development. Lisa also oversees numerous experiential learning events at Macaulay, including co-directing the annual BioBlitz, IDEA Day, and […]

Vocate: A Promising Career-Services Platform for Students

Does it seem like your online applications for internships/jobs are going into the notorious black hole? Many applicants have faced the frustration of the competitive internship/job application process. It often takes multiple applications until one hears back from a single employer/organization. With the advent of Vocate, it has now become easier for students to land […]

Enjoy the Jewish Museum, No Tribe Membership Required

“BUT WE’RE NOT EVEN JEWISH!!!” A little girl shrieks at her mother at the edge of the entrance to the Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History exhibit. Clearly exasperated, and even more embarrassed, the woman whispers something sharply in her daughter’s ear before yanking her small, squirming frame into the display room. Later, my ever-keen grandmother told […]