Goldwater Scholars Spotlight

Goldwater Scholars Spotlight By: Vickie Savvides and Christine Hirt After receiving a nomination by her Macaulay advisor, Tamar Lichter of Queens College was granted the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, a pristine award provided to college students who intend to pursue research careers in mathematics, science, and engineering. Lichter who grew up in Long Island, had originally […]

The Gravitating Discovery

High school physics has taught us (hopefully) what waves are and the characteristics that define them.  Simply put, waves are something that transfers energy.  Perhaps the most quintessential example is, when a pebble is dropped in a pool of still water, waves ripple from the point of impact, indicating the transfer of energy outward. Now, […]

Cotard’s Syndrome: Zombie Disease

The belief that one is already dead is known as Cotard’s syndrome, named after the French neurologist who first diagnosed it. In the 1800s, Jules Cotard described the syndrome as a type of depression characterized by anxious melancholia and delusions about one’s own body. Esmé Weijun Wang is among the few people who experienced the […]