Spotlight: The Macaulay Creative Writing Club

Around this time last year, Aditya Nihalani (Brooklyn) approached Cassandra Price (Hunter) with an idea. As a young college, Macaulay lacked a club that is often a hallmark of a liberal arts school: a creative writing club. Price, an English/theater major and avid reader and writer, agreed wholeheartedly with Nihalani’s idea, and in the spring […]

Freshmen Orientation Transforms As MHC Hits Milestone

As Macaulay celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, the College welcomed the incoming freshmen class through its newly refined orientation. This year, Outward Bound Day was held on Governor’s Island, rather than Central Park like in previous years. Guided by their student leaders, freshmen participated in various initiatives that emphasized teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie. Each […]