Letter From The Editor — Thank You

Two years ago, I posed a question on a dry-erase board in the Macaulay CSI lounge: “What would you name a Macaulay newspaper?” Septopride was a popular contender, after Macaulay’s beloved unofficial mascot; others chimed in with Crimson, The Macaulian, The Macaulay Web, Campus Connection, and The MacNews. Ultimately, Patrick Granata (Staten Island ’14) suggested […]

Macaulay and ASU Unite for Immigration Reform

The case in support of undocumented immigrants opportunities in the United States will be made during the First Annual Macaulay Students for Immigration Education Reform (S.I.E.R.) Conference. The conference, in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, will address the state of unauthorized immigrants in higher education. ASU hosted its own conference during the […]

CSI’s Tenth Annual Undergraduate Conference on Research, Scholarship, and Performance

Over 300 students participated in The College of Staten Island’s Tenth Annual Undergraduate Conference on Research, Scholarship, and Performance. The conference provides students with the opportunity to display and present their research projects to the CSI community. Along with poster presentations, this year’s conference also featured paper presentations, where students discussed their research projects in […]