Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Force to be Reckoned With

Who exactly is the woman behind the pristine white caped blazer, signature red lip, and unapologetically bold hoop earrings? How is she breaking social and political barriers in an attempt to address the deeply rooted issues inherent in our country’s government? The media frenzy around up-and-coming Congresswoman and Democratic politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is truly one […]

Community Is Possible: Reviving American Populism on the Local Level

A new wave of American populism is on the rise. Spurred by the crash of 2008 and a subsequently gridlocked government, many Americans have come to a realization: they are losers in a system whose beneficiaries are gatekeepers to the country’s most influential institutions, and can thus effectively block all attempts at serious structural change. […]

Security At What Cost?

The Edward Snowden leaks unleashed a firestorm of controversy and debate over the extent of NSA spying. With an increasing number of young, Internet-savvy Americans praising Snowden’s actions, the controversy reveals a significant generational gap regarding online rights. Many people in Washington argue that collecting data is necessary for anti-terrorism efforts and national security, but […]

Strategy Beyond Mere Charity

International development aid for underdeveloped countries has traditionally been looked upon as a form of charity by Western nations, including the United States. The idea of giving to poor African or Latin American countries is one that resonates in the minds of most Americans. The results of aid, however, have been terrible. Development aid has […]