My name is Michael Akyuz. I was born an raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am a child of divorce. In my immediate family, I have my mother, sister, and grandmother. I’m a guy surrounded by women, and I can honestly say that it is not always easy. Uhy! I started playing sports when I was about 5, mainly basketball and tennis. There were times when I peaked at each sport, and then all of a sudden stopped playing when my father left. I went to P.S. 99 for elementary school, and Cunningham Junior high for middle school. From the ages of 7-14, i was an active Boy Scout. Once I began high school at Midwood, though, i left the Boy Scouts, which I feel like was a mistake. I miss all the community projects and the fun events I used to participate in with the the scouts. I excelled in high school, eventually participating in the science intel program, where I spent my time researching animal cognitive behavior at a Brooklyn College lab. I graduated Midwood as the Arista leader with academic honors, as well as recognition for my participation in Archon and peer mentoring. After graduating, I worked at the Shoprite in Monticello, which is about 10 miles from my summer house in upstate NY. I can honestly say that from the age of 14, almost all the girls I’ve been involved with were like bad apples in some way. Now that I’m almost 19, I think it’s time to change it up a bit and find some nicer girls to involve myself with.


One Response to A Little Bit of Mike

  1. Sage Akyuz says:

    Mike, this is your Dad. I missed you so much, please call me my number is 90 539 834 27 52. BY THE WAY, I LIKED YOUR ARTICLES

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