Fall For Dance

By popular demand: IMG_2962 When I arrived at the New York City Center for my first dance performance, I was excited to say the least. Many people do not know this but I really enjoy dancing (I have a short video of me dancing in my high school’s color war, ask to see it!). But unfortunately,…

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Fall for Dance Review

The variety and diversity of the performances we saw at Fall for Dance was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting to sit through two hours of classical ballet however as soon as I heard the first strains of music for Shivashtakam, I realized how wrong I was. Shivashtakam is an Indian dance that was preformed…

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The Evolution and Musicality of Fall for Dance

The Fall for Dance show was a wonderful experience that perfectly encapsulated why I love dance as a means of art expression. I enjoyed the progression of the program, as it went from more classical pieces to contemporary pieces. The program showcased the evolution of dance, and demonstrated all different cultures. After doing a bit…

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Dance: A Universal Language

Dance has been one of my interests for many years, developing as a result of my experience in the field of Ballroom dancing. When I discovered that I would attend a dance performance at the New York City Center, I grew excited to have the chance to encounter a variety of dances from all over the…

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Music in Dance

The Fall for Dance Festival presented four dance performances that varied stylistically and culturally. One of the main signifiers of the cultural differences was the music that accompanied the dances. This was especially apparent in the first performance, Shivashtakam, which was an Indian style performance that was performed as an ode to Shiva. Before the…

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