Star Wars the Opera?!?!: Elektra Review

On October 21, 2015, the Boston Symphony Orchestra performed Elektra at Carnegie Hall. Since it was an opera, I was expecting it to be like Otello in which the orchestra was below the main stage while the singers were on stage with props and an elaborate set design. When the show started, I realized that it was not…

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Richard Strauss’s Elektra performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra

I hope professor Minter doesn’t mind my saying that the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Richard Strauss’s Elektra was stratospheric; I could not think of a better way to describe it. I was enthralled by the performance and my surroundings. Carnegie Hall was absolutely stunning— it’s stairs a little too steep and possibly life-threatening— but…

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A Presentation of Megalography Through The Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Rendition of Elektra

Megalography, by definition, is the portrayal of figures who exhibit prodigious, customarily approaching zones of inordinacy, levels of greatness and partake in seemingly exorbitant walks of life. Christine Goerke’s self master crafted title role as Elektra, within the one-act opera Elektra, serves as a paragon of megalographic individuality. The surrealistic nature of this character is…

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Elektra Review

On Wednesday we attended the Elektra Concert performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. I personally did not enjoy this performance as much as the Otello Opera. Because Elektra was a concert performance, it lacked certain elements that made Othello enjoyable such as costume changes and set design. Set design and costumes make…

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Elektra ft. The Conductor & His Crew

After climbing up about five flights of stairs, fearing that I’d tumble down the steep steps in the balcony, and finally squeezing into my seat, I immediately noticed that we had an awesome overhead view of the stage. Because we were so high up, I was able to to spot all the different musicians and…

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