The Humans: Full of Life

When I found out that our last class trip would be to a play called “The Humans” by Stephan Karam, I got excited. I have never seen a play in person before (yes, I have never been to any plays from my high school). You know what made me even more excited though? The fact…

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Discovering the Realities of Life

The Humans, a dramatic performance created by Stephen Karam and directed by Joe Mantello, was one of the greatest artistic pieces I have ever watched. Originally, when I heard that we would attend this event as our final show, I did not know what to expect. I imagined that stereotypical family relationships would be displayed…

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A Chinatown Native’s perspective of “The Humans”

I guess the saying, “save the best for last,” is true. “The Humans” was an amazing play by Stephan Karam. Compared to the other performances that we watched this semester, “The Humans” was the only performance where I did not feel out of place. The other performances, especially the operas, were very intimidating for an…

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A Bottle Episode on Stage: The Humans Review

The Humans was the first and only play we watched as during the course of our Macaulay Seminar, and in my opinion, it was one of the more capturing shows that we’ve been to. Personally, I’m very drawn to character driven stories such as this because characters are given depth rather instead of fulfilling basic archetypes seen in all…

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The Humans

I admit that when I heard of the plot for The Humans, I was expecting a cheesy ending to a predictable yet fun play. The reality was a bittersweet ending to a play that hit much too close to home. I’ve noted before that this play didn’t rely on clichés. The writing was excellent, and…

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