Les Ambassades

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The French community is one of the most influential foreign cultures in New York City. This project is a collection of personal accounts from members of the French community living in NYC. On this website, you can read individual stories about their experiences living abroad in this Francophile city and understand the connections between place and identity.


This map features important locations that have contributed to each member’s experience in NYC. Click on the “Filter” drop-down menu to view the markers divided into different categories. Move around the map to view more markers not shown in the pre-set display window.


Color of Marker Interviewee
bighouse (5) (Blue) Angelique
bighouse (3) (Orange) Jessica
bighouse (4) (Green) Lucile
bighouse (Pink) Hélène
bighouse (2) (Yellow) Ronan
bighouse (1) (Gray) Multiple interviewees in the same categories*

*For example, Brooklyn College is gray because it pertains to Jessica, Hélène, and Lucile, all under the “Education” category. By contrast, SoHo both exist for Hélène and Ronan. However, it is under the category of “Favorite Places” for Hélène and “Career” for Ronan. Therefore, they are two separate markers with different icons and different colors.

Icon of Marker Category/Type of Place
bighouse (5) Residence
university (1) Education
office-building Career/Any work place
restaurant (1) Food/Restaurants
grocery (2) Food/Grocery Stores
bigcity (1) Favorite Places/Neighborhoods
art-museum-2 Favorite Places/Cultural Centers
book Favorite Places/Libraries
urbanpark Favorite Places/Parks

Note: Some places do not have categories and some categories do not have sub-divided types of places.