Hi class,

Just a quick note to remind you that you should be setting a “featured image” on your musician/painter/photographer posts. To do this, scroll all the way to the bottom right of the post screen and select “set featured image.”

One of the cool ways our site’s theme works is that it displays posts using the featured image in a Pinterest-style board, which looks great but only if everyone uses the feature! If you’ve already done a presentation in past weeks that didn’t have a featured post, go in and add one and update the post (you can always just use one of the photos that you used in the body of your post).

Last, I encourage you to sign up for one of the two Canva workshops that I and the other ITFs will be offering. You’ll be using Canva in your STEAM Festival projects to create a brochure version of your Urban Arts & Culture guide, so this is a skill that you’ll need and that we won’t be going over in class. The first one is this Thursday from 1-2 (during club hours). Again, the form to sign up is here: https://goo.gl/forms/nAU017pW5TzOaTrE2.