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Historical Fiction Assignment

Rebecca DeBiase Professor Hoffman IDC 1001H 6 December 2017 The Plaza Underground           I’m here to tell you about my experiences while being an elevator operator. Sure, it might not sound interesting, but I felt as… Continue Reading →

Historical Fiction: Don of Manhattan

Musa Nauman Professor Hoffman IDC 1001H 19 December 2017 The Don of Manhattan He was born on December 1st, 1890 in a middle class family in Lower Manhattan. His name was Joseph Moses. The family owned a small bakery called… Continue Reading →

Historical Fiction: Ava’s Journals

Joyce Chan Professor Hoffman IDC 1001H 5 December 2017 Historical Fiction: Ava’s Journals August 15, 1904 I passed by the Flat Iron building again, and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. How has the massive thing not toppled over yet?… Continue Reading →

A Day of Gratitude

Karishma Malhotra Professor Hoffman The Arts In New York City 21 November 2017 A Day of Gratitude   “The rent is due tomorrow. The landlord said no exceptions this month,” yelled Mary from the kitchen. “I’m getting paid tomorrow so… Continue Reading →

Herrick Lam’s Historical Fiction Story

Herrick Lam Arts in New York City Historical Fiction Assignment Prof. Hoffman Exploring New York City The Collaboration             It was a Friday morning in New York City. The city was bustling with people trying to get to work on… Continue Reading →

Lost & Found on Park Avenue

By Hugh Shin It was a long day at work. I hastily stuffed my papers in my bag and made my way towards the door. Homework, for an adult, what a genius idea that was. What an honest to god… Continue Reading →

Nouveau Riche

Chapter 1 It was another beautiful morning in the bustling city of New York. I could hear the birds chirping as I woke up, greeting me and telling me to leave my warm and comfy bed. I wanted to stay… Continue Reading →


Burn Life was monotonous. Kate Leone continued pressing the piece of cloth into the machines. It was slow, arduous work in an emotionally sapping environment. The lights were dimmed so low that Kate could barely see the woman working 2… Continue Reading →

Historical Fiction Assignment by Justin Bischof

Justin Bischof Professor Hoffman Historical Fiction Assignment IDC 1001H 12/5/17 How the Other Half Lives The year was 1898.  Jerry Brown, a modest, hard-working man was returning home from work at the slaughterhouse, Clean Cuts.  On his way home, a… Continue Reading →

Historical Fiction by Elena Vuvunikyan

Talita-Elena Vuvunikyan Professor Hoffman IDC 1001H, First Draft December 4th, 2017   Not So Forgotten Letters Dear Adolfo, We miss you. It has been warm in Catania and I hope this weather spans all the way to you in New… Continue Reading →

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