As of the 2010, census, Coney Island has an estimated population of 24, 711 people. The area is 55% female and 45% male. The median income of this area is $26,311, with the majority of citizens making around $10,000 – $20,000 per year. Around 45% of the population has Educational Attainment levels at less than a high school diploma, with around 15% having only obtained a high school diploma.

Coney island was originally settled by the Dutch in the mid seventeenth century. Once a predominantly Jewish area, Coney Island has been called home by many different ethnicities over the years.


The Hispanic population has increased in the area. Most recent figures show that Hispanics make up approximately a quarter of the population.



Italian American influence in the area was prominent during the 20th century. As a whole, the percentage of Caucasian people in the area is about 20%. Recently the Italian American population has declined in the area.




There is very little Asian influence in the area. It is estimated that 5% of the population is either Asian or another background that is not Caucasian, Hispanic, or African American.


Recently, Coney Island’s demographics have begun to shift.



African American influence has greatly increased in the area. At one point, African Americans faced severe discrimination in the area. Now, they make up about half of the population and they impact the area the most out of all the populations in the area.


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The most recent trend has been the increase of Russians and Ukrainians in the area. Over the last fifteen years, there has been a large wave of these people coming from over seas. Even though the influence of Russians and Ukrainians are stronger in surrounding areas such as Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach, they have been moving into Coney Island as well over the last number of years. Their effect in the area is becoming prominent, as Russian shops are popping up throughout Coney Island.

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