Other Website Projects

This page lists some examples of website projects. They are not “models” –rather they give you a sense of diverse possibilities that you can envision and include in your own project.

Faith and Freedom: Religious Diversity in New York City
Prof. Drabik’s class targeted eight different neighborhoods in NYC and focused on religious diversity.

The Changing Asian Communities in NYC
Prof. Chin’s class researched on three Chinese communities in NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The Peopling of New York City: Flushing
Prof. Scott’s class explored seven different sub-neighborhoods in Flushing.

The Myth of the Model Minority: Jewish Ethnics, Cuban Exiles, and Chinese Immigrants in Three New York Neighborhoods
Prof. Henken’s class targeted three neighborhoods to inquire the concept of  “the myth of model minority.”

Visions of Gotham: Topics in NYC from 1945 to Present
Prof. Napoli’s class adopted a historical approach and looked at important events in NYC from 1945-present.

Curious to see more examples? You can find a more extensive list here:
Seminar 2 Websites Archive

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