In-class presentation schedule

Feb.15             The Madonna of 115th Street, p. 1-49

Presenter:  Jeffrey Chen

Feb. 17            The Madonna of 115th Street, p. 75-96, 107-129

Presenter:  Sara Wertenteil

Feb. 22            The Madonna of 115th Street, p. 129-149, 163-178

Presenter:  Erica Gailing

Feb. 24            The Madonna of 115th Street, p. 178-218

Presenter:  Olivia Veizas

March 1          Elizabeth McAlister, “The Madonna of 115th Street Revisited”

Presenter:  Karla Padawer Solomon

March 3          From Ellis Island to JFK, Chapter 3 (“The Work They Do”)

Presenter:  Tamar Herman

March 8          Guadalupe in New York, Pp.1-40

Presenter:  Clarissa Baquiran

March 10        Guadalupe in New York, Ch.4

Presenter:  Sandra Lau

March 15        Guadalupe in New York, Ch.5-6

Presenters:  Michelle Martins AND David Rand

March 24        Weishan Huang, “The Making of a Promised Land”

Presenter:  Paramjoat Singh

March 29        From Ellis Island to JFK, Chapter 5 (“The Sting of Prejudice”)

Presenter: Corina Yee

Th  3/31

Susan Slymovics, “New York City’s World Muslim Day Parade”

Presenter:  Dalya Arussy

April 5            Race and Religion…Introduction and Ch.1

Presenter:  Marisa Oppenheim

April 7            Race and Religion…, Ch. 2

Presenter: Valini Rohit

April 12          Race and Religion…, Ch.3

Presenter: Katherine Roszkowski

April 14          Race and Religion…, Ch. 4 and Conclusion

Presenter:  Daniel Stalbow

April 28          From Ellis Island to JFK, Chapter 6 (“Transnational Ties”)

Presenter:  Nicole Zeblisky

May 3              God in Chinatown, Kenneth Guest, Ch. 1 and pp.55-70

Presenter:  Alyssa Blumenthal

May 5              God in Chinatown, Ch. 4

May 10            God in Chinatown, Ch. 5

May 12            God in Chinatown, Ch. 6

May 17            God in Chinatown, Ch. 7

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