Brandon Ely

Macaulay students will tell you there’s a huge difference between a class with a Teaching and Learning Collaboratory Fellow (TLC) and one without. The TLC has fellows who are doctoral candidates as well as a postdoctoral program. All of our members are experienced teachers who can help you get the most out of your Macaulay seminars, eportfolios, and experiences. TLCs work with you and your professors to create educational experiences that help you think deeply about new ideas and put you in control of technology and your digital identity.

Name Brandon Ely
Title Teaching & Learning Fellow at the TLC
Pronouns he/him/his
The Best Way to Contact Me Is
About Me

Brandon is a PhD candidate in molecular biology at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He conducts his research at Brooklyn College, studying stress response following whole genome duplications, the adaptive value of polyploidization, and genomic instability. Ultimately, the goal for his research is to elucidate the implications of these phenomena on health, disease, and evolution. Brandon is passionate about science education and began his career in education as a science teacher in NYC public schools. Prior to becoming a TLC, Brandon taught biology classes at Bronx Community College and Brooklyn College.

Before starting his PhD and becoming a father to twins in the same year, Brandon used to enjoy an active lifestyle as a triathlete and an avid skier. He hopes to find time for those things again someday, but is enjoying being a dad and dedicating time to his kids.

Campuses Baruch, CCNY, & Lehman