Hǎojiǔ bùjiàn (I think… also, thank you Nano!)

This feeling.

This feeling.

Dear all,

Not that I know more than what I learned in my one Mandarin class like two semesters ago…. but I thought saying Long Time No See in English would be kind of silly seeing as it quite possibly comes from the Chinese. Or from a Native American pidgin. Or something. Whatever.. you look it up. The evidence is inconclusive.

😀 So I haven’t been blogging at all for a few months, but let’s try to catch up.

1. Noah stayed in NYC, moved in with me, celebrated our first anniversary with me a month ago, almost decided to move to Philadelphia after I graduate (I would have gone with him), and then decided not to go (woo! No place like NY, NY)

2. I’m about to graduate, which means I need to find a job and stuff. Ew… adulthood…. (equal parts excited and terrified)

3. This blog is dedicated to my friend Nano because he reminded me today that I should be blogging. I LOVE YOU NANO.

Me and Noah for most of the year. Indoors and only with each other. Netflix isn't in the cartoon but you can imagine it.

Me and Noah for most of the year. Indoors and only with each other. Netflix isn’t in the cartoon but you can imagine it. And no actual daylight because we live in a basement.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s discuss some things. Socializing is important. One thing that apparently happens when you fall in love is that YOU IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE. For, say, months… or, say, a year. Gosh. seriously. I thought I was done with being absent from school when I came back from study abroad in Spain. Nope. I haven’t seen a lot of my college friends/acquaintances at all recently. For those of you who don’t know, here’s the scoop: If you don’t decide to be the one to plan the get-together, it. will. never. happen.

This is why I set up a weekly date with my friend Nano, and am beginning to text people about socializing with one another again after quite a long time without such luxury. Reasons?

1. I am out of the “my boyfriend is the only person that exists” phase. Still very much in love but a little less obsessed with the newness of being in love for the first time.

2. I’m not moving after graduation, so I can afford to spend time with people that I might have missed a lot if we’d spent more time together before I left.

3. It’s the last semester of senior year and I am only a part-time student, so I HAVE TIME TO SOCIALIZE.

Kind of. I’m still working on my thesis. And my Springboard website for my thesis. I’ll link to it when it is even remotely okay.

I don’t even remember what my last blog was. I’m gonna go check it out.

So much love!

Here's some governator for you. And no, that's not how you pronounce Bach.

Here’s some governator for you. And no, that’s not how you pronounce Bach.


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Why this academic year is going to be the best ever

Hey all!

Who’s excited to go back to school!?! At the beginning of the month I would have had the intense urge to slap anyone who asked that question, but I’ve been through the 5 stages of pre-semester grief. This week I’ve even gone from acceptance to excitement. Yeah, okay, I have to write my thesis this semester… BUT THEN IT’LL BE DONE. I’ll have more time for other projects in the fall.

It feels a bit like musical chairs. If you don't grab a job or a grad school fast enough, your ass hits the floor.

It feels a bit like musical chairs. If you don’t grab a job or a grad school fast enough, your ass hits the floor.

Also, who’s not at least a little excited about receiving their Bachelor’s? Sure, the job market is scary, and so is applying to grad school, but nobody can take away that degree once we have it. It’s one step in life that we will have accomplished. It offers more security. Even if we’re going on to grad school, we won’t have that nagging fear of failing or dropping out for unknown reasons and not having a college degree at all. Even if we drop out of grad school, we’ll have Bachelor’s degrees, you guys!

After this August, I’m ready to be busy a lot. I’m vacationed OUT. This semester I will again have a job and an internship along with my classes because of the CCNY Writing Center and the Colin Powell Center’s Partners for Change Fellowship, respectively. I’m excited because I need stuff to do or I’m going to melt into my chair and never get up again!

I don’t know how it is for everyone else, but our summer are way too long. I took classes during June, traveled during July, and tried really hard to find stuff to do in August. Okay, fine, my boyfriend moved in, but other than that, nothing happened 😛



How is it that America barely gives vacation to working adults but throws three months of summer vacation at schoolchildren and college students?! Isn’t it time for some redistribution or something??

Anyway, this year is my last at City College. It’s going to be full of classes I want to take and people I want to see, then I’m moving on to grad school. I’ll most likely stay in my current apartment, so anybody that is near CCNY when I’m home can stumble on in 😀

So, this academic year is going to be the best ever because my roomies are amazing, I am close to my degree, almost every class I am going to take is one that I chose instead of one that I had to take, and I’m learning how to cohabit with my boyfriend. My reward for writing my thesis is going to be CHRISTMAS and then A VISIT FROM MY SPAIN BFF, CHARLOTTE, WHO IS VISITING FROM NEW ZEALAND WITH HER BOYFRIEND!

Then my boyfriend is turning 22. Then I’m going to hear back about grad school. AND THEN I’ll only have one semester left… a semester during which I will already be done with my thesis. Of course, I’ll have to work on the final project for Partners for Change, but I think my time management with the thesis/project splitting is pretty great. Oh and I decided that I’m going to visit my parents at least once a month ^.^



Lastly, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go somewhere for Spring break. I still have 2,500 left in my Macaulay Opportunities Fund if I don’t ask to be paid back for the GRE fee. That’s enough for an alternative Spring Break. I can take a break from school and volunteer somewhere!

This year is going to be amazing because I say it’s going to be amazing. I love my family, boyfriend, roomies, friends, job, classes, and city. Yeah, Senior year is a bit scary because it’s our last chance to mess up what we’re about to get, but replace your stress with hope. If you sit down like I just did and try to count the awesome things in your life, you might be surprised. It’s great pre-semester therapy, especially if you’re not yet through the 5 stages of pre-semester grief.



Much love to you all,


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HALLO I am back from DEUTSCHLAND (and someone is moving!)

So hey there,

I’m sure you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting about my summer plans with Noah… The great, big, right-before-he-leaves summer plans.

Me with my Grandma at the top of the Thüringer Warte (a big-ish tower in Frankonia)

Me with my Grandma at the top of the Thüringer Warte (a big-ish tower in Franconia)

Well, first of all, I spent the beginning of July in Colorado with Noah, his grandma, his mom and her boyfriend. Then I was back in Harlem for 5 days before going to Germany for my grandma’s 70th birthday!!

While I was in Germany, we went to my grandparents’ home village with our grandma and our aunt. We stayed in a very cute inn that I suspected of having no internet because it was in Windheim. However, they had two computers in the dining area, so during our family dinner with all the relatives from the area, I snuck off to send Noah an email. When I finally got through all the popup warnings about browser updates, I saw that he had sent me something: A forward of his letter of acceptance as a transfer to City College!

So now my boyfriend is moving in. I called my building’s management company to ask for an extra key to the front door ($30) and he is bringing most of his stuff up this weekend. I’m really excited and now we can resume our summer plans. I still want to go do things and blog about them, the motivation just died down a bit when I realized that this summer is not one long good-bye. He’s still keeping his options open at his old university for next year, but for now we’ll brave the challenges of living together!

I’m very excited 🙂 Also, I’m studying for the GRE, which I’m taking on the 20th, and I’m trying to find a few new hobbies. German language club on meetup? Cooking more? Who knows. Any suggestions? I just feel like my life will change monumentally when I graduate, and I need something new and fun to at least establish some stability in my free time ^.^




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We met at the MET (Summer Love date #1)

Hi all,

Here’s my first real dating blog entry for the summer. As promised, Noah and I went to the Museum Mile festival on Tuesday. Instead of going to the opening ceremony at the top of the mile, we decided to meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (actually met at the crosstown bus stop because our trains arrived at the same time <3)

We got there a bit early, so we sat down on the steps and watched this guy with a saxophone play China’s national anthem. He also did the pink panther tune and then a really quick song to which he jumped around, barely missing a lady that was walking by behind him. He yelled “WOO!” a few times to keep up the mood.

At six, we decided to walk up museum mile, and we happened upon the Neue Galerie, which displays Austrian and GERMAN art. There was a really long line, though, so we decided that it was more of an outside day 😛 A very expressive singer (probably also an actor) was outside entertaining the masses.

There were a lot of kids drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, and I had the intense urge to find a pink piece and draw a heart with our names in it.

In keeping with my romantic sappiness, we took a detour to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir at 90th street. A nice gentleman agreed to take a picture of us.

We stopped for a bit at the Jewish Museum where the Isle of Klezbos were performing what I believe was a Yiddish song.

We went back into the park at the east lawn, thought about life and nature, and went back out to keep walking. I almost asked a kid to borrow a piece of chalk. Almost.

After getting an ice cream sundae in a cup because they were out of cones (Who is out of cones an hour into a festival? :/ ), we saw some great drumming and dancing outside of El Museo del Barrio. When we realized we’d reached the top of the festival, I almost dragged Noah back in, but we decided to walk home, instead.

Hungry and tired, we stopped in at Picante on 139th. We both had Burritos and I had a Russian Lemonade. The waiter carded me, and it was arguably one of the best moments of my day. Drawing a heart on the sidewalk would have been moment #1. 😉

Ah to be young and in love.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well. Be ready for Thursday’s Shakespeare in the Park Comedy of Errors blog soon ^.^








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Summer Love on the Cheap (Pre-Long-Distance <3)

Hey all,

Finals are done, my summer classes are about to begin, and my senior year is on the horizon. My boyfriend, who met me in December during a year off from school, is going back to his college in Oregon in August. During finals week, I had an epiphany: We can’t waste this summer of beautiful denial. If everything works out, we’ll be long-distance for two years until he comes back to the city. This summer is our time to bond and to be silly and to celebrate our love before he leaves.

Summer Lovin' ;)

Summer Lovin’ 😉

The quest: To do as many free/cheap, awesome things as we can. (like a lil scavenger hunt of activities… which I will record in this blog)

The obstacles: My summer classes in June and two-week Germany trip in July.

The plus: THIS IS NYC, BABY! Summer here may be hot and a bit horrible, but there are sooo many free things.


Without further ado, here’s my preliminary list of fun times that shall be had:

1. Eat pizza in all five boroughs (Pizza is his favorite food). Before you ask, yes, I considered not counting Staten Island, but we’re trying to be legit here. Technically, it’s a borough.

2. He hasn’t heard this one yet but it’s on the list now so HA: Go to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in each borough. It’s a way for him to get over my eating habits and maybe find something he likes…? He thinks fake meat is blasphemy ^.^

3. Watch Shakespeare in the Park: “The Comedy of Errors (May 28–June 30) will be directed by Daniel Sullivan; Love’s Labour’s Lost (July 23–August 18)”… I’ve never been!!

4. The Celebrate Brooklyn! concert series. (June-August…. details to be announced)

5. Go see some of SummerStage (June 4-August 29 concert series in multiple NYC parks)

6. Museum Mile Festival I love going to the museums, so why not hang out outside and appreciate them? (June 11. I have school until 2:05 but this should be doable)

7. The Gay Pride Parade (June 30) Not sure if he wants to go but I really, really do.

8. Broadway in Bryant Park OMG SO AWESOME. ALSO NEVER BEEN. (July 11-August 15.. more details to come)

9. Lincoln Center Out of Doors Maybe. We’ll see. (July 24- August 11)

10. Harlem Week I live here so this shouldn’t be hard to get to at all. And I bet it’s entertaining. (July 27-August 24)

11. SummerStreets (car free streets to do whatever on! August 3, 10, 17)

12. Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival on Meadow Lake in Flushing, Queens (August 10-11)

(#3-12 brought to you by the nycgo.com summer preview 2013)

13. Watch free outdoor summer movies all throughout the city (June 17- August 29). At least one per week. Check out the list here.

14. Listen to Make Music New York all throughout the land (June 21)

15. OMG THE MERMAID PARADE (June 22. Coney Island.)

16. Do something at the River to River Festival. Just wanna check it out. (June 15-July 14)

17.  Have a good Tuesday at the Hudson Square Music and Wine Festival (Tue Jun 4 – Tue Aug 27)

18. Check out CreativeTime’s Annual Sandcastle Competition at Rockaway Beach (early August)

19. Splash around on City of Water Day. Apparently watergoing vessels will be supplied. (July 20)

20. Follow New York Classical Theatre’s roving performance when we want a break from waiting in horrible lines and things. You just follow the performers around! (May 28-July 28)

21. Free dance lessons and dancing at the Hudson River Park’s MoonDance (Sun July 14-Sun August 11)

(#13-21 brought to you by this list)

22. Keep an ear out for songs to add to our Spotify playlist. Yes, we have a playlist of our songs. Yes, we are corny. <3


Sounds manageable! 22 is a good number. I’ll stop here because I looked through a lot of lists to get to this point, and it’s also probably time to sleep. I’ll run this by him and edit the list accordingly 😀

Hope everyone’s having a great start to their summer!






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On setting deadlines (and being self-righteous?)

Hey all,

Does anyone else here set impossibly high standards for him or herself? Who am I kidding, this is a Macaulay blog… to a certain extent, we’re all lovably yet certifiably insane. Here’s my issue: I’ve been noticing my perfectionism bleed over into how I see the world and other people.

Example: I’ve been waiting to find out if I am one of the lucky recipients of a fellowship, imagesand one of the people that make the decision told me that I would know either by Thursday night or by Friday morning… LAST Thursday night or Friday morning. I didn’t hear anything. I asked around and this does not mean that I’ve been rejected–they simply didn’t let us know.

I became very annoyed about this and started to b•tch about how rude it is to set a deadline you know you can’t keep. I do this all the time but I don’t make it a habit to tell others I will do something important for them by a specific date unless I know I can do it.

When one of my roomies reminded me that people are just people, I said that I might be holding others to the impossible standards I have for myself. She disagreed because I am incredibly lenient with others… a step above doormat, actually. Apparently I hold SYSTEMS to a higher standard, and that’s not so great because systems are just made up of people, too. Right?

WRONG. Yes, people are just people and I should forgive them for their absentmindedness and whatnot, but I must retain my naive expectation that systems are close to perfect. At the very least, they ought to try.

shake-the-systemIn my fourth Macaulay seminar, we’ve recently talked about Bloomberg’s failure in dealing with homelessness. My paper for my internship class is about the fractured and poorly researched effort to improve English as a Second Language classes across the board in the United States. The crappy yet sometimes enlightening social theory class I’m taking is all about postcolonialist thought on how Western governments are making the same old mistakes in new and technologically improved ways. Every time I go to my internship or to work, I wonder about all the things that could be done to increase the number of clients we are serving. A lot of people need the services we offer but don’t realize that we can help them. Systems are imperfect but they should be better than they are now.

I know that I sometimes come across as holier-than-thou when I talk about the treatmentvegan-meme of animals or how my life plan is to save the world and earn no money, but this is something I’m right about. Individuals are allowed to make mistakes but systems that do not function correctly must be reworked until they do. A good system can take some healthy human error and still function. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t really care when I hear about my fellowship acceptance/rejection. The error made by the person I emailed simply reminded me of everything else that’s wrong.

Maybe my nearly communist social theory professor is rubbing off on me… I’m just sad about the illusion of order created by bureaucracy. Sure, there are systems in place everywhere, but do they do anything useful or must they simply convince us that they are trying?

Think on it,


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Here’s to the Seniors! (five weeks o.0)

Hey all,

So, starting this week, I guess I’ll write a blog every week. Teehee. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

This week I’d like to talk about the seniors. I’ve been so wrapped up in planning my schedule for the summer and fall that it didn’t really sink in until yesterday that the seniors have FIVE WEEKS LEFT. That’s incredible and scary because it’s so close but they all have final projects to finish up.

Where are they going to go? What are they going to do? If they don’t have it figured out that can be a bummer if only because EVERYONE is asking them about it. It’s high school graduation all over again. “So what decisions have you made about the rest of your life today?”

This, my dear, fellow Juniors (and you underclassmen, too), is what we have to look forward to. It’s the good and the bad, the graduating and the real life. We’re adults already, but some of us are going to start our careers right after getting a bachelor’s. Some of us are going on for many more years of study, especially if we plan to stay in academia professionally. The question here is: Can we ever be ready?

I think college can do a fine job of preparing you to be prepared for life, but it doesn’t actually do much of the preparing for life. It’s a bit of a shield, a comfy baby blankey. Many of us are very ready to tackle the world on our own and to show that we have evolved past this structured learning environment. There is a time for everything, but leaving your undergrad alma mater can seem like a step toward freedom. Good times were had by all, and now it’s time to have them somewhere else. I hope you enjoy it.

Those you leave behind here are going to miss you, but we’ll follow in your footsteps soon enough. Now get a haircut and get a real job 😉




P.S. Here’s a funny video:

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Post-Spring Break Stress Management (PUT DOWN the cupcake!)

Hi all,

Apparently I am only able to blog once a month when I am in love. Who knew? 😀 Although I am still spending as much time as possible with my boy, and school is picking up again until finals in mid-May, I challenge myself to blog once a week until my birthday (May 16th). This is a great way to keep up with my life and to give the people I don’t see enough a quick glimpse into my thoughts.

SO, you are stressed after spring break, you say? You have less than two months to get yourself on track and ready for finals, you say? Yeah, nobody did enough over spring break and everyone’s freaking out. SO here are some great options (from discovery health and webmd) that you probably already know about but are ignoring because your stress spiral is already in full swing.

Kissing, hugging, and touching are very effective stress relievers! Give out some free hugs to your pals! Cuddle your family and pets if they’re okay with it! Those of you with significant others: Try to plan at least one more day a week with your partner instead of banishing them so you can get work done. It’s better for your relationship and for your stress levels if you have some physical contact 😉

Exercise. I know you may not want to. It’s hard to drag your tired body to the gym when all you want is a nap, but if you didn’t pull an all-nighter and you know that you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, even a few short minutes of dancing to a favorite playlist in your room can perk you up. If you’re a college student, chances are you basically have a free gym membership at your school. Take advantage of it! Go to ZUMBA or boxing class until you’re back to happy. Push through! We only have a few weeks until summer.

Gardening, amybe?

Gardening, maybe?

Remember your hobbies. Sometimes it may feel like you have so much work that you can’t do anything other than worry about school and procrastinate all day before actually doing anything. Instead of sitting there staring at the screen, taking side trips to facebook, or pretending to read that book, do something you love! I should be doing at least three things right now, but what am I doing? Exactly. Blogging. Because it makes me feel good. 

Having a good cry can be soooooooo rewarding. I know, you’re all probably feeling ashamed just for thinking about it because society has taught you that it’s a sign of weakness, especially if you’re male. To that I say, “SO WHAT?” Maaaaybe our bodies know what they’re doing when crying comes forth as a natural reaction to a situation. Feel awkward about it? Then don’t do it in the library or while you’re giving a presentation. It’s a private thing you can do all by yourself in your room. It doesn’t work for everyone. All I’m saying is that you should just try not to suppress your tears when you feel that pressure behind your eyes. Let them out and a bunch of your stress will likely follow them.



Swear a bunch or scream it out if crying makes you feel too silly. Swearing will make you feel so much better. There’s just something about those four-letter words that makes you feel in control. They’re perfect if you want to tell your friends about that sh***y assignment that you have to f**ing finish by f**ing Wednesday. OR you could just go somewhere where you can primal scream your way to sanity. Maybe combine them. Go swear at the top of your lungs in a hopefully child-free area. This will be easier if you’re not in the city, but it’s fun. Maybe it will even get you to laugh….

Laugh it off/Spend time with people. Can’t laugh? Fake it until you can’t help doing the real thing. Go see your funniest friend or look up a really stupid movie on netflix. College humor or reddit r/funny it until you get a good chuckle going. It works! Take a break and stop looking so serious all the time. Your friends are probably stressed, too, and the best way to laugh it off is to socialize.

imagesCount your blessings. This is the last one I’ll give you because it is really important and it should be done before or after you’ve completed one of the other stress-relieving tasks. Or all the time, anyway, just to remind yourself how great life is. Think about the things you love, the people you love and the people who love you. Consider what a privilege it is to be able to read this blog because you have internet… what a privilege it is to be able to see at all. Yeah, like any of these other ideas it can make you feel silly to have a go at this one, but wouldn’t you rather be silly than depressed?

Wishing you a stress-free everything.




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Applying for things and stuff: Stressed is best?

Here’s the thing…. overachievers are overachievers even when they don’t act like it. All college students feel stress, but overachievers stress about the stupidest things (take it from someone who is doing so at this very moment).

Hugo Chavez died, and I am worried that I didn’t know enough about him because my major is International Studies and my focus is supposedly Latin America (which has more than one country…). Sure, I’m taking my first Latin American culture class this semester, but I should already know everything there is to know because INTERNET and OTHERWISE I’M NOT SMART. *sigh* Do you see?

While midterms seem like a minor speed bump before the beautiful week-ish of spring break, their existence is quite nerve-wracking. Group projects and research papers and exams always happen at the same time, and I am already freaking out about finals because I know how early I’ll have to start my final projects. How in the world do people handle this when they are behind on their time? I’m already going nuts trying to organize research for Spanish class at the Dominican Studies Institute for the presentation I’m doing the first full week after spring break. I have a presentation this Thursday and a midterm next Thursday. Readings and homework are due in between, but let’s not get finicky.

The one thing that’s freaking me out the most is my application for the Colin Powell Center’s Partners for Change Fellowship. It’s due next Tuesday and I am having my first and only (15 minute) meeting with the person that assists honors students with their applications. That might not be so helpful.

I have great recommenders that love me, though, and that makes me really happy. They support me and appreciate me as a person, which is more important than getting a fellowship. It’s wonderful to encounter people that can truly help you with your academic and personal development. My two recommenders just happen to lessen my stress because they are great writers and the things they will be writing about are all good.

I guess there are no pictures or anything in this blog, but I’m just glad I wrote my stress out a bit before I had spent a month without blogging. Like Tuesday/Thursday Zumba, I miss it and I need it back. And I’m going to get it back. As soon as I get the fellowship and ace all my classes (not including A-‘s here. Already had one of those. Didn’t like it).

Meditation is really useful for stress, you guys. Just go be quiet somewhere for a minute!





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So now she has a boyfriend (doesn’t make her less crazy)

Hey all,

Haha Holiday Romance novels. Don't worry, my guy is definitely cuter than this creepy-looking joker.

Haha Holiday Romance novels. Don’t worry, my guy is definitely cuter than this creepy-looking joker.

Apparently Alena won the boyfriend bet. Hey, I’m as surprised as you are. I really didn’t think I’d find someone I liked and wouldn’t freak out about or run away from… at least anytime soon. But today we’ve been official for a month, and I am so still feeling it. Seriously.

How did this all happen? Not gonna kiss and tell. The point is that I’ve been living the dream all of January by lazily hopping back and forth between the city/my boyfriend and upstate/the family. Now classes have started, my internship has gotten off to a rocky yet inspiring start, and work is beginning next week. I have to be at school at 8:30 tomorrow to help out with the Kofi Annan talk, and I haven’t finished my first homework assignment for the Macaulay seminar 4 class I have tomorrow. Also, snow storm heading this way…..

So I thought, PERFECT TIME TO BLOG. If I wait until tomorrow, it’ll have been a month since my last entry, and that, ladies and gentlemen, ain’t right.

I am (as the title affirms) still off my rocker, so don’t even worry about losing my rambles because I am still all for explaining random things and convincing people to be happy.

Speaking of which:

Cutest thing ever.

Cutest thing ever.






Look at it, it will make you smile. Anywho, I’d like to compare my blossoming romance to something else that’s been going on: ALL OF MY CLASSES RELATE TO EACH OTHER. Junior year is academically epic. Everything I’m doing has to do with theories on morality, how to make the world better, and how to better our understanding of the world. I have so much reading to do but I love it. This feels like junior year of high school all over again because I am in control of what I am learning, and everything I am learning is fun and awesome despite the fact that it is difficult.

How do people survive 400-level classes without loving their majors? I don’t understand. I guess they’re saving all of their happiness time for after graduation, when they’ll be making money doing something that helps them make money… which buys happiness.

I don’t know, I’m not judging. I was just talking to my boss (founder and CEO of the NGO at which I volunteer) about how fulfilling it is to do work that you love. She is going pro-bono right now (which, yes, is likely sponsored by her retired banker husband who hated his job). Why? The organization doesn’t have enough money. So what did she do? Give up? NO! She is going to work every single day because she knows that there is a whole community of immigrants out there that depends on her. This is why I exist…. to live like her…to be like my mom who gave up accounting to work with dogs. Doing what you love for enough money is better than doing what you are kind of okay with for a lot of money. At least in my opinion. At least in the long run.

So let me tie this back together: enjoying life does not always mean doing the things that make sense. Maybe dating a guy that is going to a different place for school in the fall doesn’t make sense. Maybe thinking of maybe falling for him when I’m maybe leaving New York for good as soon as I graduate is maybe insane. But we established that I am that 😀 People can save the world and make lasting emotional connections.

Carpe ALL the diem



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