Welcome To Bay Ridge!

Bay Ridge is a historically rich area of Southern Brooklyn that boasts a great deal of ethnic diversity and commercial activity. One of the few areas of New York City that has thus far avoided gentrification, it has an authentic identity all its own. Our focus in our investigation of this region of Brooklyn was to map out a wealth gradient based on housing, businesses, and other assets in three distinct regions of Bay Ridge, and see how this gradient has real world consequences for Bay Ridge residents.


Our tactic was as follows: three members of the group that live in Bay Ridge would traverse a region of it and document demographic trends, types of homes in the area, businesses, restaurants, and the general atmosphere one can feel when visiting. We then all synthesized this information and combed through real estate listings and prices listed online for the businesses we looked at, and constructed a gradient that demonstrates how demographic and wealth trends shift from 60th Street to 100th Street (the boundaries of our search).


Suffice to say, the wealth gradient is surprisingly linear and concrete. Housing prices, concentration of certain demographics, and density of businesses and public transportation change linearly as one walks from one region to the next–and this change tells a very, very interesting story about what it’s like to live in Bay Ridge.


Tasneem Ahmed
Ireen Alam
Frances Shnaidman
Safaa Slimani