Bensonhurst, also home to Brooklyn’s second Chinatown, is a diverse¬†multiethnic neighborhood in the southwestern part of Brooklyn. It was also once regarded as Brooklyn’s Little Italy because of the once very large Italian population in the area.

It’s current demographics:

Bensonhurst is home to many ethnic Albanian, Turkish, Uzbek, Arab, Iranians, Palestinian, Egyptian,¬†Lebanese, Pakistani, Mexican, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, and Puerto Rican Americans. In 2000, the New York City Planning Department determined that just over half of the residents was born in another country.¬†By 2013, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that the city’s foreign-born population had reached a record high, and that Bensonhurst had the city’s second-highest number of foreign-born people with 77,700 foreign born immigrants in the neighborhood, just after Washington Heights.