Thank God I’m Small!

Once again, G and I had similar ideas when approaching this question, as the first thing I thought of when the question of size came up was why so many girls I know love tall guys. As the article mentioned, changing an object’s size can also change its meaning to highlight certain features. This helps the artist make a more prominent and stronger statement about what they are trying to portray.

This made me think to myself: is that why girls love tall guys? Do they same to make more of a statement and seem more confident and stronger to girls by simply being tall? Though this may be so, I also thought of something else when looking at the pictures of the article. Though this doesn’t necessarily apply to people because we are all similar in size when we are compared to the smallest of small and the tallest of the tall, I did realize that when making an object bigger than normal, it shows imperfections in the art much more easily, giving artists a much smaller margin of error.

That is why I can say confidently that thank God I’m small! Otherwise, if I were the size of some of these buildings along the High Line, my pimples would be 10 feet tall, my nose would weigh my whole head down, and my ears would be so big that I would have the ability to fly (that last one actually sounds pretty cool)! Though I may have grown over a foot since freshman year of high school, I still am very, very small when comparing myself to the rest of the world.

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