Before I get into Tchaikovsky or Beethoven, I would just like to address something Copland said in his reading. It’s just a short rant, don’t worry, it won’t be too long.

Anyways, on pages 12 and 13 of Copland’s reading, he describes people that look for meaning and relation as simply minded. He says those that connect the least with it understand it the most because music is suppose to be ambiguous.  Here’s where I get angry: MUSIC IS LOOKED AT DIFFERENTLY AND FELT DIFFERENTLY BY EVERY SINGLE PERSON! So, by Copland’s narrow minded theory, if I look for meaning and relate to it in some way, it is either wrong or just diminishes the meaning of the piece as a whole. Some people need meaning to find new emotional connections, create a new story, and to just get away. There is nothing wrong with that, and these people should be thought of as anything but simply minded. I am one of these people that find even more enjoyment in music when I find these new meanings, and my mind can absolutely run wild with new ideas, as if I am listening to a brand new song that was made especially for me. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE IMAGINATION!!! Imagination is a beautiful thing, so let’s use it to our advantage, because using it for anything but only simplifies what is a beautiful and complex world of music.

Now, back to Beethoven, he does seem all over the place, as shown by all those damn colors. I half expected to get a seizure after seeing that. Colors jumping up and down, left and right, popping out of nowhere, it was insane! It kind of reminded me of when I have a million ideas for a project, and I try to fit them all in instead of going for one idea (it never works). That’s what happens. A bunch of paint splattering onto the canvas trying to get as many colors and movements as possible without even remembering what you were going for in the first place (like me writing this post). Tchaikovsky, on the other hand, reminded me of a love story between a prince and a princess that weren’t supposed to be together (like Romeo and Juliet), and they sneak away at night to Swan Lake, where they drift into happiness. I looked this up and I was really close, as it was a prince and a princess, but the princess is actually a swan that turns into a princess (I like my idea better). This invites (not begs) the question: which is more enjoyable?

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  1. Great post Robert. Love that you’re angry. This should make for a rollicking discussion on Wed.

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