Final Project: Making Brochures

Part of your final project will involve making a tri-fold, six-page brochure. You can use Canva ( to make your brochure.

Canva Tips:

  • Set custom dimensions for three inches wide x eight inches high. Make six pages.
  • Upload your own fair use images. You can search for fair use images via Google Images.
  • Try out options for backgrounds, frames, lines, shapes, charts. Poke around to learn how to make shapes more transparent and how to filter the images that you upload.
  • You can export for free as long as you don’t use any of their images or content. Export as PDF.
  • Check out a quick example that uses these tips.

Tools to publish brochures:
After you’ve made the brochure, you’ll want to make it viewable. You can use Microsoft Word to format it for printing. You can use Google Doc Embedder plugin (with .doc, .pdf) or Issuu to format it for web.

Microsoft Word, setting margins:

Google Doc Embedder:


Content of the six-page brochures. What are some sections you might include? A student-generated brainstorm:

  • Qualifications
  • Services Provided
  • Introduction to the Clinic/About Us
  • Fees/Compensation Issues… Should fees be included?
  • Who’s the audience?
  • Contact Information
  • Customer Testimonial/Success Stories

Some examples: