Dear Students,

Welcome to the spring semester!

My name is Robin Rogers, and I’ll be your professor for Seminar 4: Shaping the Future of New York City. Lindsey Albracht will be the Instructional Technology Fellow for the course this semester, and she’ll also be helping out with some of our writing workshops. We’re both looking forward to meeting you on January 30th.

Seminar 4, your final MHC seminar, will examine the ongoing interplay of social, economic, and political forces that shape the physical forms and social dynamics of New York City. In the class, we’ll address the major events and study the institutional agents of change in the city, and come to understand the roles people take or are given in the process of government and the ways in which these roles are affected by patterns of inequality and power.

A couple of logistical details:

  1. Please order the course texts ASAP. They are Telling True Stories (Kramer and Call) and the eighth edition of Urban Issues: Selections from CQ Reader. All other readings will be provided for you on the course website.
  2. Please join the course website by logging in to the ePortfolio site, and then visiting this address. Click the button. This will add you as a subscriber so that you can upload course projects to the site (more on how to do this later in the semester).
  3. Please enter your information into the course roster here: your preferred e-mail address (if this isn’t it) will be used to add you to the class listserv.
  4. This class will be an exciting and challenging final seminar. You’ll have a rare opportunity to explore an issue in policy that is significant to you, and to propose research-based solutions to a panel of experts at the end of the semester event at Macaulay. To do this, you’ll need to be prepared to engage in some very hands-on research and interviewing. If this is new to you, don’t worry! We’ll be working on strategies together.

We’ll see you on the 30th! We hope you enjoy the rest of your break.


Professor Rogers and Lindsey