Hi everyone!

We were going to have you do this in class today, but we ran out of time focusing on the site, which is starting to look really great. So for tomorrow (Tuesday), we’d like you to complete a short peer review of one of your classmate’s posts. See below for the assignments. We’ve taken care to make sure that every post gets reviewed by at least one person, and also that no one is reviewing a post from their own group.

You will complete the peer review using this form. Please complete this by 2pm Tuesday, it should take you about 10 minutes to read the post at least twice, and then about 10 minutes to complete the peer review. Once the review has been submitted, you can view what others have said about your post by following this link which will take you to the “Entries” section of the “Peer Review” form under “Forms” on the Halal Carts dashboard. We’d like you to make revisions to your post by Tuesday night (let’s say by midnight) so that we can view them Wednesday morning before class and provide you with feedback.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

Search for your name on the left: you’ll be reading the post titled in “quotes” with author and section indicated.

Lexy: “Introduction” by Evan (Customers)
Katherine and Amanda Z.: “Halal Cart Owner and his Food Truck” by Haoxiang (Owners)
Eli: “Social Aspect” by Evan (Customers)
Brianna: “Economic Aspect” by Evan (Customers)
Eddie and Ban: “Halal Cooks and their Neighborhoods” by Will (Cooks)
Jackson and Raian: “The Secret Life of a Halal Cart Owner” by Annmarie (Owners)
Dil and Elina: “The Black Market” by Eddie (City Bureaucracy)
Will: “Economic Overview” by Dil (Owners)
Annmarie and Amanda C.: “Paperwork and Permits” by Katherine (City)
Belinda and Evan: “The History of the Halal Cart” by Brianna (Cooks)
Derek: “Letter Grades on Carts?” by Jackson (City)
Haoxiang: “NYPD” by Belinda (City)