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Last Day


The Halal Carts project has improved a lot over the last several days. Well done!

I am looking forward to enjoying some authentic traditional food tomorrow. I will bring paper plates etc.

Finally, please do the online faculty evaluation for this course when you get a chance.



peer assessment

Hello everyone,

Apologies for so many emails from me today! But hopefully you will find the recommendations on your posts and website useful, and feel free to either adopt my suggestions or not, they are merely suggestions!

The peer assessment is here. Please complete this by this Friday at 5pm. In ranking your own and others’ contributions, use the numbers to indicate the amount of work put in by each member, but also please use the “explanation” box to elaborate on anything.

Feel free to direct any questions to Prof. Rosenberg.


For Monday

In class on Monday,Jake will help us put the finishing touches on the class project. Please finalize your section before class on Monday (you will have one more chance after that to make changes before class on Wednesday).

Also, I would appreciate it if you could do the online teacher evaluation.



Peer review

Hi everyone!

We were going to have you do this in class today, but we ran out of time focusing on the site, which is starting to look really great. So for tomorrow (Tuesday), we’d like you to complete a short peer review of one of your classmate’s posts. See below for the assignments. We’ve taken care to make sure that every post gets reviewed by at least one person, and also that no one is reviewing a post from their own group.

You will complete the peer review using this form. Please complete this by 2pm Tuesday, it should take you about 10 minutes to read the post at least twice, and then about 10 minutes to complete the peer review. Once the review has been submitted, you can view what others have said about your post by following this link which will take you to the “Entries” section of the “Peer Review” form under “Forms” on the Halal Carts dashboard. We’d like you to make revisions to your post by Tuesday night (let’s say by midnight) so that we can view them Wednesday morning before class and provide you with feedback.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

Search for your name on the left: you’ll be reading the post titled in “quotes” with author and section indicated.

Lexy: “Introduction” by Evan (Customers)
Katherine and Amanda Z.: “Halal Cart Owner and his Food Truck” by Haoxiang (Owners)
Eli: “Social Aspect” by Evan (Customers)
Brianna: “Economic Aspect” by Evan (Customers)
Eddie and Ban: “Halal Cooks and their Neighborhoods” by Will (Cooks)
Jackson and Raian: “The Secret Life of a Halal Cart Owner” by Annmarie (Owners)
Dil and Elina: “The Black Market” by Eddie (City Bureaucracy)
Will: “Economic Overview” by Dil (Owners)
Annmarie and Amanda C.: “Paperwork and Permits” by Katherine (City)
Belinda and Evan: “The History of the Halal Cart” by Brianna (Cooks)
Derek: “Letter Grades on Carts?” by Jackson (City)
Haoxiang: “NYPD” by Belinda (City)

revised drafts

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note that if you are doing any revisions to your text between now and Sunday, please re-upload it to the “Documents” section of the Halal Carts website (not this site). Follow the same directions as last time but this time, select your draft and click “Upload New Version.” When you upload the new version, you can remove my comments if you like, make any other changes/revisions, and then select “Second Draft” under workflow state on the right. This will indicate that you’ve uploaded a newer version than what you submitted last Monday.

Please, as always, email me with any questions if you are having trouble with this. Later today the tech committee should have the theme finalized and they’ll let you know what theme our site will have.




I hope that you found Jake’s comments on your specific sections helpful.

I will look at your work on Sunday morning and provide feedback so that you have time to incorporate my comments (or not) by class-time on Monday.


Rough drafts for Monday

Hi everyone!

Soon you should be hearing from the member of the tech committee in your group about how the website is going to take shape.

For Monday, you’ll be submitting the rough draft text for your topic of the website. All you need to do for this is to submit the text, but if you know you are going to be using specific images or video, you can embed that too. Within your group, you have to decide how you’re going to present your topic. Are you going to write a few different short essays/articles? Are you going to write one long story? Are you going to have an introduction and then a number of case studies? The choices are up to you. The point of this is to see where you’re at and for Prof. Rosenberg and I to make suggestions for you as we move ahead with the project. This is not final — this should be a chance for you to figure out how to organize your interviews, your individual research, and your media.

As a group, you should decide before Monday what you’re going to submit and who is going to submit it. If everyone in your group is writing their own mini article/essay, then everyone should submit one individually. If you are only writing one piece of text as a group, then only one person needs to submit it (indicate all group members in the file).
You’ll be submitting your text as either a .doc or .docx to the Halal Carts website by using the “Documents” feature. This is a feature that will allow you to store files on the dashboard and then work on them together, I will show you more about it next Wednesday. For Monday…
  1. Go to the dashboard of the Halal Carts website ( If you’re not a member of the site yet, you’ll have to join by clicking the “Add Me” button on the left hand side, and then have your tech committee person make you an administrator.
  2. On the left side, you’ll see “Documents”
  3. Click “Add Document”
  4. Under title, be sure to indicate which group you are (city, cooks2, owners, etc.)
  5. Under “Visibility” on the right hand side, you must select “Public” or else we can’t see it!
  6. Select “rough draft” from the “workflow state” dropdown menu.
  7. Upload new version, and then click the green “Update” button
  8. Make sure you bring your laptops, charged, to class on Monday!

Especially now that we’re working on the website as a class, please reach out and ask me any questions you might have. One thing I told the tech committee people today: it almost always takes a lot longer to do something that you think when you are creating a website, so be sure that the work is divided evenly within your group, and be sure to Start. Things. Early!


Soccer Event for Refugees

Here is a link to video of that event in Greece for refugees where they watched the Barcelona v. Real Madrid match and ate pizza (among other activities) this past weekend. I think it shows how much sports can mean to people even those who have much bigger things to worried about.

For Monday

There is no additional reading assignment for Monday. We will finish up with Netherland and then discuss Foner, Chapter 7 and that NYTimes article, “Where Education and Assimilation Collide.” I also hope to hear good updates on the Halal Cart project.

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