A Mutual Relationship–The High Line

Here’s a short little poem and slideshow I made for the High Line project. Hope you enjoy!

A Mutual Relationship–The High Line


A Mutual Relationship

By Joseph Valerio


Separated from the chaos of the city,

Lies a park with unique power.

While urban life is usually gritty,

The High Line includes more, even flowers!

Majestic qualities of greenery,

Interact with unused train track.

Creating unusual scenery,

The High Line is one special pack!

A surreal community formed,

That breathes life into the park.

It’s a good thing the track was reformed,

It became quite a benchmark!

Offering tranquility,

Away from crazy society.

The High Line epitomizes stability,

And a heightened sense of variety.

This mixture of nature and urban,

Can only be found there.

It’s almost quite suburban,

But extremely addicting, beware!