I recently finished watching an anime called “Cowboy Bepop” when I started reading “Don Juan.”  In one of the episodes, Faye, one of the protagonists, ends up meeting a man from her past.  Faye had always believed that this man loved her, until it is revealed that he used her to push off his enormous debt.  He pretended to love her, then pretended to die in an effort to protect her.  He then gave her all his assets.  However, he turned out to have only debts.  As it turns out, he had been continuing this scam for years, using the same scheme to trick other women into taking the debts he continues to accumulate because of his lavish lifestyle.

Don Juan reminds me of the man in that episode.  He is a womanizer and feels no shame in using women simply for his pleasure.  When he is warned about continuing his deceitful ways, he ignores it.  His demise is inevitable.  As realized by the other man, as long as their sins are known, they will pay.