Fired Up !

I am really glad that we watched Do The Right Thing in class. This is probably one of those movies I would not watch on my free time. Even though the jokes were old the movie was still very funny. One thing I noticed during the movie is that the day when the temperature hit 100 degrees, the hottest day of that summer, everyone in the neighborhood became fired up. The tension and hatred between each race became visible. Bugging Out complains at the pizzeria about how there are no “brothers” on the wall of fame. Sal retaliates by threatening to break his head with a baseball bat. Then a white bicyclist steps on Bugging Out’s sneakers and they almost get into a fight. The three old men on the sidewalk complain how the Koreans are opening grocery stores and making money from the Black people. The guy with the big stereo blasts music in Sal’s pizzeria and causes problems there. On that day it just seems like everyone was releasing their anger at each other. But like any heat wave, it comes and goes. I predict that once the heat wave ends in the Brooklyn community of the movie the hatred between each group will decrease. I think that everyone in the community will learn to live together and put their problems aside. Overall I enjoyed the movie and I look forward to finishing it.

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  1. Dustin, I too feel that the heat wave was causing everyone to show their feelings towards the other race. I found the part with the white bicyclist funny but also a bit intimidating. The guy did not know anyone in that group and he most likely did not intentionally get the shoes of the black man dirty. You said that the tension between the races will decrease as the heat goes down and I completely agree with you. However, I do not feel as though the heat will take away their racism; that will always be present. People say that when someone gets angry, their true colors are shown. Even though the heat goes down, I think that the racism will still be very present just not as openly shown.

    Linda Manchery

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