Christmas in Dyker Heights: A MHC Community Arts Project!

This is the Community Arts project done by Mike Ferrigno, Alex Hajjar, Amanda Strano, and Joseph Valerio, we hope you enjoy! It is a quick documentary on the wonderful Christmas lights of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn and describes their history, impact, and art form.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy!


PS: Sorry about the late upload, the youtube site took forever last night, so I slept while the video was processing.

8 thoughts on “Christmas in Dyker Heights: A MHC Community Arts Project!

  1. This was such a good idea for a subject! Ever since I was a kid, I’ve gone to see these lights nearly every year. It’s really interesting to learn the history about it. On a side note, there was a TV program the other night about the Dyker Heights Christmas decorations, and a few weeks ago there was an article in the Daily News about the puppet maker who built the decorations for the Poliziotti house, so these lights really are pretty famous.

  2. I’m so excited to see this in class, lol! My dad’s office is right around here, and every year since I was very young I’ve walked around this neighborhood with my great aunt and uncle who live nearby. Always beautiful, intricate and expensive!

  3. I actually went to see the lights two years ago. They were really awesome and I planned on seeing them again this year.

  4. Wow this is really beautiful. Before your presentation, I need heard about Dycker Heights (so sorry!) But now, I actually want to check it out. Did you guys record those videos this December or were those from previous years?

  5. In Kingston, NY (the city closest to my house) they publish a lights tour map in the newspaper for people that want to see the best-decorated homes. There are lots of great houses but they’re so spread out that you really need the map. Last year I had to spend an entire evening with my family driving around town to see the different houses. It was actually kind of fun, but it must be so much cooler to get to step outside the car and talk to the other spectators. Loved the video!

  6. I can’t believe I’ve never heard about this before! This seems like such a huge deal and it’s beautiful! Every year my family and I drive around Rockaway and Howard Beach to look at the houses, but I think we’re going to have to head over to Dyker Heights this year!

  7. What a great job you all did. Nice to see some of our local talent showcasing our own neighborhood! Special shout out to Alex & Joe whom I’ve known since they were in nursery school! Phenomenal work!

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